February 25, 2024

Ondo 2024: ‘Nobody wants to be governor for one year’ – Aiyedatiwa


Governor Aiyedatiwa

—- Says no crisis with late Akeredolu

—- Attack by 5 Rep members was to demarket me

By Dayo Johnson, Akure

Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa of Ondo state, has declared that he would contest the April governorship primary of the All Progressive Congress.

Speaking on a personality television programme monitored in Akure, the state capital, the governor, said that “nobody wants to be governor for one year.

Aiyedatiwa said that he would like to contest and win the forthcoming election as required by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for one more term.

When asked if he would be contesting the governorship election, Aiyedatiwa said, ” Definitely, I will be running because I am already a sitting governor and let me say this that nobody wants to be governor for one year.

“Give me what the constitution allows me to do, atleast let me have a chance also running for one more term as it were. ”

The governor denied having crisis with the late Akeredolu before he died.

Aiyedatiwa added that it was “few individuals in the state who were being driven by their ambition that caused the crisis in the state last year.

According to her m ” Let me put this straight for the record sake, I never had issues with former principal,there was no time we had a face off, there was no time we had an issue that will demand that I have to make up with him.

” All that were being pushed out at a time were basically political, there were all falsehood and insinuations because election was coming and they knew the governor was so sick and a lot of things were at play.

“There was no time, I had an issue that I needed to resolve with him , in terms of crisis.

“All that you saw at a time , were basically political. It was driven by the ambition of few people who knew there is going to be transition in the state and I was advantaged as the deputy.”

Reacting to the open letter written by five members of the House of Representatives from Ondo state to the president Bola Tinubu, the governor said,”Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion.

“That is just an opinion of some people, that are so driven by ambition.

“If you look at the profile of those five members of the House of Representatives, they have their individual aspirants they are supporting towards the election.

“One of them is actually an aspirant, what do you expect from an aspirant? He wants to say something to demarket somebody who is having a great advantage; one other one is a director general of campaign to an aspirant.

Aiyedatiwa added that ” all of them have their own ambition who they want to be governor. That is an unprogressive position and the party has actually responded that there was no crisis in the party, that their are not at loggerheads with me.