February 7, 2024

NeuRaL AI’s BionicBox to enhance customer experience

By Juliet Umeh

A Lagos-based provider of essential support to organizations that build and deploy Large Language Models, LLMs, for generative text, NeuRaL AI, has announced the launch of BionicBox.“BionicBox has Chat GPT-like capabilities which facilitate quick interactions with live documents, enhancing decision-making and productivity, thereby boosting profitability.

Founder of NeuRaL AI, Mr. Oluseyi Akindeinde, said the AI Readiness Report 2023 highlights a surge in demand for generative AI technologies, similar to Chat GPT, across various sectors.“He said: “Yet, challenges like specialized expertise, domain-specific requirements, and security concerns often hold companies back.

BionicBox would address that for enterprises.““BionicBox stands for enhanced customer experience. Our on-premise RAG system personalizes customer interactions, boosting satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased goodwill and profitability.“