February 1, 2024

Google Doodle celebrates Mexican archaeologist, Alfonso Caso on 128th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates Mexican archaeologist, Alfonso Caso on 128th birthday

By Biodun Busari

Google Doodle has felicitated Mexican archaeologist and anthropologist, Professor Alfonso Caso on his 128th birth anniversary. 

Alfonso Caso was born in Mexico City on February 1 in the year 1896. 

This doodle shows the archaeologist at the excavation site with a book in hand, a spade in the ground, google inscribed on stones in the backdrop, and Monte Albán in the background. 

According to the tech giant, the doodle’s reach spans the region of Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and Ireland. 

Caso is best known for excavating the site of Tomb Seven located at Monte Albán in Mexico, which is one of the richest archaeological findings of all time. 

The Mexican is an archaeologist who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.

He is also an anthropologist who is a professional interested in everything from the traditions of a tribe on a remote island to the culture of an urban community and everything in between.

Alfonso Caso was a student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (NAUM), where he earned a law degree. 

The archaeologist has also been credited with the establishment of Mexico City’s “Society for Conferences and Concerts,” while studying at NAUM. 

This society encouraged students to participate in cultural activities. He went on to take the role of professor at NAUM following the completion of graduation.

Alfonso Caso chose to focus on archaeology as a career after earning a master’s degree in Philosophy at age 29. 

He became the university’s leading voice in archaeology as his rigorous methods of interpretation earned him respect and acclamation from his fellow faculty.

The 128-year-old don became the head of NAUM’s Department of Archaeology and later became the director of its museum. 

Caso led excavations across the country, including the site of the ancient Zapotecs in Monte Albán. He analysed the burial offerings in Tomb Seven and formed a rough chronology of Monte Albán’s history.