February 22, 2024

Fani-Kayode slams Biden for provoking Third World War over Israel, Gaza war

Fani-Kayode slams Biden for provoking Third World War over Israel, Gaza war

Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has criticised the United States President, Joe Biden, for inciting World War III over his support for Israel in the ongoing war in Gaza.

The former minister also said it would be sensible for the American people to elect Donal Trump the second time so that he could withdraw the support for Israel.

Fani-Kayode disclosed this in a recent interview on the Israel-Gaza conflict adding that Biden might infuriate the Arab world if he continues to throw his weight behind Israel against Palesinians.

In many of his posts on social media, Fani-Kayode has criticised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people.

He also commended South Africa for taking the lead in Africa to drag Israel to the highest world court.

“If we’re not careful, what will happen is that such will be the rage of the Muslim world, particularly if Alexa the al-Aqsa mosque is destroyed and they build what they call the second Jewish temple on top of it, which is where all this started, by the way,” the ex-minister said.

“If that happens, or if you continue to burn and destroy and bomb people in Rafa, and if this madness continues, the Arab government in the Middle East themselves will not be able to control their Muslim population. They will rise up in a second intifada.

“They will join hands and Iran will get involved, Hezbollah will get involved… Once Turkey gets involved, Pakistan gets involved on that side, and the whole thing spreads and of course, Mother Russia will also have to step in because it is the traditional allies of Russia and China.

“America on the other hand, will stock it, will provoke it and will keep pushing it simply because the Americans under Biden, for some reason or the other, are hell-bent on provoking the world into World War III, not just in the Middle East, but also in Ukraine.

“And that’s the saddest aspect of it. And I pray every day the American people get sense and elect Donald Trump as their leader to stop this madness, to withdraw American troops from outside of the Middle East. And also to withdraw their support for what the Israelis are doing.

“I encourage the Arab leaders from Egypt, to Saudi Arabia and all the rest of them, to remember the dream of great Arab leaders in the past who stood up to evil and injustice and stood for the Arab people. I also call on the African people to follow the lead of great men, like the leader of South Africa, and so many others in our continent to stand up against injustice.

“Our liberation and independence means nothing as long as our Arab brothers are under the yoke of Israeli bondage and we will stand with them any day and anytime to fight that bondage.”

Third World War is the term used in world politics and debates to describe a speculative global war subsequent to World War I and World War II.