February 26, 2024

Family planning does not make women promiscuous – Experts

Family Planning

Mr Ololade Abatan, Family Planning Coordinator, Osun Ministry of Health, says family planning method does not in any way make women to be promiscuous.

Abatan said that the popular belief, among men, that family planning is a licence for women, who embrace the method to be promiscuous is not correct.

The family planning expert said this on the sidelines of a three-day media advocacy for family planning in Osogbo.

According to her, family planning is for the effective management of the home and the well-being of women.

“This orientation that men have that women become promiscuous after taking up family planning method is not correct.

“We are talking to our men to support our women to take up family planning.

“We are educating our men that family planning is to ensure that there is peace, understanding and collaboration between husband and wife.

“Family planning allows for peace in the home and not a licence for women to be promiscuous.

“We are always happy whenever we see men who follow their wives to take up family planning in our facilities.

“It shows that they care about the welfare of the wives,” she said.

Abatan, however, said that myth, misconception, lack of access, medical barriers, and knowledge, among others, were some of the barriers to family planning.

Similarly, Mrs Olubunmi Akinlade, Adolescent Desk Officer, Osun Primary Healthcare Board, said the main motive of a woman in adopting family planning was to make her life safe and not to be promiscuous.

Akinlade said that family planning could save women from premature death that could arise from unplanned  pregnancy or some condition that could arise after childbirth.

“Family planning does not promote or increase sexual drive. Whoever a woman is before adopting family planning is what she will be after.

“What family planning will do to a woman is to make her be at rest, enjoying her husband without the fear of unplanned pregnancy.

“Promiscuity itself is a character or attitude of an individual, whether they go for family planning or not.

“I will also say that it is a wise man that supports his wife to adopt family planning.

“This is because if men see what women go through during labour, they will not wish that their wives go through that in two or more years,” she said.

Akinlabi, however, appealed to men to always support their wives in taking up family planning methods.(NAN)