January 19, 2024

NLC declares zero-tolerance for indecent employment practices


By Victor AhiumaYoung 

This year 2024 will be an interesting year because it will witness a period where all that has been taken away from workers will be restored.

These are the words of President of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Joe Ajaero, in what seems to be a policy direction of NLC for this year.

According to the NLC President: “We are committed in 2024 towards ensuring that a living wage becomes possible for all Nigerian workers by working with others to secure a National Minimum Wage that approximates to the dictates of the various parameters that make incomes humane and grants access to basic necessities of life for the average worker.”

  In a statement, Ajaero said: “We will recommit to building workplaces that guarantee the rights and privileges of workers while building the basis for continuous wealth creation for our nation. All actions that will therefore ensure that decent work gaps are reduced to their barest minimum will be encouraged. We will therefore strengthen our collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Labour, Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, NECA and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, using the tripartite process to regulate the Industrial Relations space and ensure that the reviewed labour administration laws are forwarded to the National Assembly for passage  into law. 

Civil society allies

“From every indication, 2024 will be an interesting year. Interesting because it will witness a period where all that has been taken away from workers will be restored. Any Private sector employer or Agency of Government that therefore owes any Nigerian worker anywhere should be ready to pay up in 2024.   

“We will work in collaboration with our civil society partners to generate frameworks that will build stronger  and more robust  civic space  which ensures that our voices are heard at all times and used to check and assist the government to take the right actions that will make governance more effective and beneficial for the majority of the citizenry.  

“Much more, we will engage government to ensure that the agreement it reached with us in our last negotiations  especially the October 2nd Agreement, are implemented.

It is highly insensitive of the Federal Government to allow its citizens to go hungry during the Yuletide season by denying them the benefit of their hard-earned December, 2023 salary. Nigerians are watching the chest thumping and visitations as if in triumphalism against the collective will where food and drinks were lavished by public officials while workers are not paid and are left in starvation over one spurious reason or the other. We urge the Federal Government to show more compassion in its dealings with Nigerians and Nigerian workers especially in the face of the excruciating poverty which its policies have foisted on hapless Nigerians.  

NLC commitment

 “As NLC, we remain committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of workers across the nation, and we encourage all Nigerians to join hands in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. In this year, we will strive to foster a culture of inclusivity, understanding and collaboration. By working together, we can address the issues that affect us all and pave the way for positive change. Our nation is rich in diversity, and it is this diversity that can be our greatest strength when harnessed for the common good.


“We appreciate Nigerian workers for their demonstration and outpouring of support and solidarity which led to the overall success of the last nationwide strike. Your actions have sent a strong signal to those in government of our collective readiness to protect our nation and ourselves at all times. We urge that the same spirit should be multiplied in all of us this 2024 because we are sure that it will be  needed as we struggle against the expected increasing imposition and adoption of stifling neo-liberal economic policies by the government. 

“We must resist and repudiate all World Bank and IMF policies as they increase their onslaught against our nation seeking to mount further tollgates across all facets of our nation with which they seek to exploit our nation for the benefits of global capital and their comprador bourgeoisies within our nation.”

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