November 23, 2023

 How we’ll fulfill  Nigerian’s properties dreams – Dukiya

 How we’ll fulfill  Nigerian’s properties dreams – Dukiya

The management of a leading real estate company in Lagos State, Dukiya Investments, has affirmed that the new project, Norway District 1, is beyond architecture but a narrative of dream fulfilled.

This was made known in a recent client-management tour to the estate’s site located in the town of Ilara in the bustling and fast-developing city of Epe.

Both founders, Lukman Shobowale and Bayo Lawal while speaking with newsmen, on Tuesday, stated that the goal was to provide clients with profitable properties amid infrastructural developments and natural resources.

Zoning allowed for residential, educational, healthcare, and agricultural use. Modern facilities like perimeter fencing, a gatehouse, and a drainage system set the estate apart, promising 100 per cent dry land in a serene environment.

“Norway District 1 wasn’t exclusive; it catered to all—vibrant Gen Zs, laidback millennials, and the elderly seeking serenity.

“Land allocation wasn’t just a transaction; it became a ritual fostering trust and understanding in the community.

“This estate wasn’t just about architecture; it was a narrative of dreams fulfilled, communities enriched, and a town transformed into a tapestry of comfort and joy. Three acres became a canvas where aspirations found a home,” they affirmed.