October 19, 2023

Firm embarks on refining education through chess in Lagos slums

Firm embarks on refining education through chess in Lagos slums

By Funmi Ajumobi

Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Co. Ltd (SEEPCO), in partnership with Chess in Slum Africa, on October 14, 2023, organised a ‘Chess Beyond Borders’ event for the children from slums at Bon Voyage Hotel, Lagos.

Chess is a game that many have played in their childhood and made them successful brains today. When thinking about increasing children’s intellectual development, chess has become an important component. 

It is said to have built creative thinking, raised IQ scores, enhanced memory, and sustained problem-solving skills. Playing chess has helped in adjusting and acquiring different approaches and how to take the next step to victory. 

At the event, Mr. Sola Aiyepeku, Executive Chairman, Lagos State Sports Commission said, “The Chess in Slums initiative ensures that the children from the marginalised part of the society have a shot at a sustainable future. He further commends Chess In Slum Africa for such initiatives, noting that it would help to achieve the desired goal of transforming lives.’’

Being a child-development programme, this event was designed to enhance the strategic and critical thinking skills, and mathematical skills of children by cultivating a passion for the game amongst children. The event gathered exceptional minds, future leaders, and chess stars from the slums. There were children from various backgrounds, cultures, and capabilities. 

Mr. Tokunbo Fagun, Chairman, Lagos State Chess Association said, “Education is the cornerstone of progress, and through chess, it is igniting a spark of curiosity and intellectual growth in children.’’

Chess is the gymnasium of the mind. It has no boundaries; it transcends language, age, and social status, unites, teaches us valuable life lessons, and creates lifelong friendships. 

Chess in Slum, Africa believes every child deserves an equal opportunity in attaining better life and has adopted an innovative approach with the use of the game of chess to empower children from less privileged backgrounds to learn academic, educational and critical thinking skills that will help them secure a better tomorrow.

Dignitaries like Mr. Sola Aiyepeku, Executive Chairman, Lagos State Sports Commission, Mr. Tokunbo Fagun, Chairman, Lagos State Chess Association, Ms. Esther Hunkuten, Scholarship Manager, Chess in Slum, Africa, and Mr. Samuel Awobajo, Project Coordinator, Chess in Slum, Africa, graced the event.

With this initiative, SEEPCO is committed to empowering slum children with expertise that will shape their future, training them to defeat any challenge that lies ahead. SEEPCO embarks on a journey that goes beyond the 64 squares of a chessboard, breaking barriers and building bridges towards a more comprehensive and impartial world.