October 30, 2023

Edo 2024: I’ll restore state’s lost glory — Aspirant, Victoria Amu

Edo 2024: I’ll restore state’s lost glory — Aspirant, Victoria Amu


By Ezra Ukanwa, Abuja

In the run-up to the highly anticipated Edo gubernatorial election slated for September 21, 2024, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and an aspirant for the governorship election in Edo State, Victoria Amu, has promised to bring back the glory days of the state.

Vanguard reports that Amu had recently announced her intention to contest the gubernatorial election in Edo state in 2024.

Speaking at a political dialogue with the people of Owan, Edo state, weekend, in Abuja, Amu also introduced a framework strategy that geared towards rejuvenating and uplifting the state if elected.

Specifically, Amu outlined her plans and vision for Edo state, with a specific focus on security, healthcare, and education, among others.

According to her, “I will be running for the nomination of my party for election to the office of governor of Edo State. This is a solemn quest for me. It will provide me the opportunity to contribute my experience and commitment to re-enact the glory days of our dear state. It is solemn because I recall the state of my youth with nostalgia and wonder what’s wrong.

“I shall describe my plan and effort as “Back to the Basics”. We have no need for grandiose projects that cost too much to start, too much to complete and even much more to maintain. Put in one word, such projects/programs are unsustainable”, she added.

Speaking on her agenda on security, Amu said idleness is one of the major causes of insecurity, stressing the importance of peace and tranquility for the progress and development of any society.

“We shall deal with idleness by engaging the majority of our youth in useful pursuits; we shall support and incentivize the police to prevent and prosecute crimes; the department of public prosecution will be boosted with up to date equipment and information management systems to enable delivery of justice in a timely manner; the government which, I will hopefully head will work assiduously with other states and stakeholders to change and upgrade the constitutional bottlenecks that hamper the seamless management of security”, she said.

Recognizing the critical need for access to quality healthcare, Amu intends to prioritize the development of primary healthcare.

“The health policy of my government will be anchored on primary health care. Immunization and sensitization programs will be made permanent features of governance. These will be backed by continuous public education

“My government will introduce legislation to strengthen the need for health insurance for all. Being backed by law has a number of advantages.”

On education, Amu said: “Education is treated as something that has to be tolerated. It cannot be so. This attitude manifests in low numbers of good quality teachers, low morale, lack of interest by pupils and students and all round low motivation for education.

“I will stop this and turn it around. No magic. Just re-orientation of priorities and the will to see things through.”

Speaking on her plans for infrastructure, agriculture and youth development, she said: “My infrastructure development policy will be based on real need assessments and not prestige projects. Emphasis will be on all season roads in both urban and rural areas.

“No roads will be built without proper studies and design and with a life cycle plan for maintenance. The same thing will apply to drains and other infrastructure projects.

“As has been noted in many fora and in many social development and economics circles, there is a huge youth bulge in population which, if not properly managed may evolve to youth bomb. This need not be so My government will revive and heavily incentivize college sports and games championships, debates, quizzes, innovation, etc

“Good agricultural policy guarantees food security. My government will support agriculture to the fullest extent possible

“My government will not own or operate any farms. But my government will invest in farm support systems such as tractor services, land clearance equipment, agricultural loan guarantee schemes, rural roads, commodity markets, etc.”