August 30, 2023

Firm empowers African youth with forex trading education

Forex Portal Academy, a leading provider of forex trading education, is making waves in Africa by equipping the continent’s youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the financial markets successfully. Founded in 2016, the academy has set an ambitious goal of training one million African youths before the end of 2023, aiming to become the catalyst for youthful financial prowess on the continent.

With a comprehensive five-day free forex training program, Forex Portal Academy has already made significant strides in achieving its mission. Over 50,000 young individuals aged between 18 and 35 from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and beyond have benefited from the academy’s expert tutelage. Through a guided learning experience, participants gain valuable insights and practical techniques required for navigating the highly volatile and dynamic forex market.

Forex Portal Academy’s training program covers the fundamentals of forex trading, providing participants with a solid foundation for making informed decisions. From understanding currency pairs and market trends to analyzing charts and managing risk, students learn essential skills that are vital for successful trading. The academy’s experienced professionals, who boast extensive experience in forex trading, provide personalized attention and guidance to each participant throughout the training.

Recognized and praised by aspiring traders, financial experts, and industry professionals, Forex Portal Academy is committed to empowering African youth with financial education. By providing mentorship and fostering a community of experienced traders, the academy aims to shape the next generation of pro financial analysts. Additionally, the academy offers crypto literacy, granting exclusive access to the booming cryptocurrency industry through a personalized learning experience.

Mr. Emmanuel Etim, the spokesperson for Forex Portal Academy, expressed his pride in the academy’s achievements, stating, “Forex Portal Academy is proud to have trained over 50,000 young individuals who can now harness the potential of the forex market to secure their financial future.” He emphasized the academy’s goal of continuing to empower aspiring traders across Africa through comprehensive training programs. The mission of Forex Portal Academy is to democratize forex trading education and provide opportunities for African youth to improve their financial literacy.

With its unwavering commitment to empowering African youth and its dedication to providing comprehensive and accessible forex trading education, Forex Portal Academy is paving the way for a financially prosperous future on the continent. By equipping young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, the academy is transforming the lives of aspiring traders and contributing to the growth and development of Africa’s financial landscape.