June 4, 2023

Onoh attacks Ajero over pending NLC action

Onoh attacks Ajero over pending NLC action

… links planned strike to Obi’s presidential quest

President Bola Tinubu’s former spokesman in the south east, Dr Josef Onoh has accused the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) of engaging in a political battle other than genuine industrial course.

Onoh said that the planned nationwide industrial action by the NLC was a smokescreen and a continuation of an opposition political party to claim relevance in Nigeria.

He pointed direct finger to the NLC President, Joe Ajero; the Labour Party and it’s Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter of blackmailing the federal government, using the issue of oil subsidy to distract and cause unrest and resentment against the newly inaugurated administration of Bola Tinubu.

Onoh cited many instances the Joe Ajero-led NLC collaborated with the Labour Party and it’s Presidential candidate, Obi, pointing out that the trio had agreed on subsidy removal during the electioneering campaigns but have now turned around to oppose the oil subsidy removal because they lost in the elections.

He accused Ajero of attempt to hoodwink the gullible members of the Nigeria public into his personal war of vendetta, after losing his bid to become the Labour Minister which Onoh alleged Ajero’s former presidential candidate and boss had promised the NLC President if the Labour Party had won the presidential election.

Onoh stated that what the NLC wants to do from Wednesday is a continuation of the Joe Ajero-led Labour Party presidential campaign where he openly participated as a campaign manager and adviser, adding that the organised labour failed to divorce the union from partisanship, which he said is at the crux of the NLC push to distablize the country.

“The same Nigeria Labour Congress executive members fully endorsed Labour Party presidential candidate and the third runner up of the concluded presidential election. The same executives are now asking hard working Nigerians who obviously didn’t collect the alleged bribe they collected from their sponsors to disabilise our economy,” Onoh alleged.

He advised members of NLC to distance themselves from a selfish pursuit of their leader, stressing that Ajero’s personal quest is detrimental to the NLC as an organised group and to the stability of Nigeria.

He urged Nigerians to disregard Ajero and his National Executive Committee members of NLC, and go about their normal businesses, stating that Ajero will not put food on anybody’s table if he paralises the nation, moreso when the Dangote Refinery is about to commence full scale operation that will flood Nigeria market with home-made refined petroleum products.

Onoh said that what the Tnubu administration is doing is working hard to see how it can balance the lives of Nigerians, a bond he said was made clearly in Tinubu’s manifesto.

He warned that criminal elements could hijack the process of demonstration to cause mayhem and change the tide the innocent Nigerians would not expect, hence he advised that to maintain peace is usually better than stoking the embers of confusion and instability.

“Onoh said that “Joe Ajero was the campaign manager of the Labour party who has now lost the promise of becoming the Labour Minister. This is the reason he has turned around to ask Nigerians to go on strike on the same issue of fuel subsidy that he was among the proponents of it’s removal.

“Now that his ministerial job dream has been shattered, Ajero can do better and go to Onitsha to take up a job with the beer production factory, or better still take up an appointment with the Next super market other than distablizing the country.”