May 28, 2023

Transition: Why Tinubu must restructure Nigeria now – YCE

President Bola Tinubu

By Dapo Akinrefon

The Yoruba Council of Elders, YCE, on Sunday, urged the incoming administration of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to take a decisive position to restructure Nigeria saying it will give the country renewed strength in all aspects.

YCE, in a statement by its Secretary-General, Chief Oladipo Oyewole, also urged Tinubu to put the right people to manage different departments of government “in a goal-oriented manner.”

The statement reads: “The Yoruba Council of Elders rejoice with all Nigerians for the continued peaceful atmosphere leading into the peaceful transition and change of power from President Mohammed Buhari to Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu on May 29, 2023.

“We feel assured that the new President will bring a proper orientation and give the affairs of Nigeria renewed strength in all aspects of its administration.

“The YCE is hopeful that the new President will introduce a dynamic change to the fortune of Nigeria through effective management such that the machinery will work smoothly and efficiently for the good of all Nigerians to promote the glory of God over the Country Nigeria.

“It is the hope of YCE that the incoming President will make good his word with regard to the re-introduction of or erstwhile National Anthem which we (YCE) believe portends a lot for the progress of Nigeria and all Nigerians.

“The YCE will want Mr. President to put right people to manage different Departments of Government in a goal oriented manner.

“On the issue of restructuring YCE is keen to see the President take decisive position in effecting dynamic action to restructure so that each part of the country can develop its potentials for all parts to grow at its own pace whilst all these parts will ultimately move the country forward together.”