May 30, 2023

The New GiftCardsToNaira 3.0 Web and App Design

The New GiftCardsToNaira 3.0 Web and App Design

GiftcardstoNaira recently rolled out an update for the 3rd version of its platform, which is known as (GiftCardsToNaira 3.0).

The update includes the following:

  • An entirely new design layout.
  • Awesome trading features.
  • An improved trading experience on the website and mobile app. 

The website’s new design is faster, more robust, and has a beautiful new look with a sleek user interface and user experience.

The new updated version of the GiftcardstoNaira platform now includes the latest features and an extra layer of security to make you feel safer while trading.

With the new features added to this version 3.0, you can earn more money and enjoy trading on the platform.

Here on this page, I will show you the new features available on the GiftCardstoNaira Platform today.

Trading or exchanging your gift card can be stressful if you don’t know the right way or right platform to use.

Hence, the mission of this platform is to transform the whole process and stress into a smooth and enjoyable one.

This is what makes GiftcardstoNaira unique among all other gift card trading platforms.

Let’s quickly see a few other exciting things about the GiftCardstoNaira Trading Platform and what’s new in version 3.0.

About GiftCardsToNaira Trading Platform 

The GiftCardsToNaira Platform was established in 2017 and has been in business for six years with clean records.

This platform is a renowned gift card trading platform that has good integrity and excellent customer satisfaction.

We have served over 300K+ trusted customers in Nigeria and Ghana with safe and secure transactions.

The mobile app has recorded over 100K+ downloads with 4.5-star ratings and thousands of reviews across the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

GiftCardsToNaira is the best and most trusted platform to trade your gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana.

When you trade or sell your gift cards on this platform, you get instant Cash payment in Naira or Cedis.

You can always trade your gift cards directly from the GiftcardstoNaira Mobile App and enjoy the new features available.

Features of GiftCardsToNaira Trading Platform

These are the available features and exciting things you get to enjoy on the GiftcardstoNaira platform.

  • Trade up to 30 Gift Cards
  • High Gift Card Rates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Trust and Security
  • Fast Transactions
  • Gift Cards Rate Calculator
  • Check Top Gift Card Rates.

Also, there are new features recently added to the updated version of GiftcardstoNaira; let’s quickly see them.

New Features on GiftCardsToNaira Version 3.0

GiftCardsToNaira Trading Platform

Here are the seven new features on the GiftcardstoNaira 3.0 for you to explore and feel comfortable trading on the platform.

  1. New Design
  2. Poll System
  3. User Levels
  4. Referral System
  5. Leaderboard Reward
  6. Gift Card Trading Points
  7. Improved Trading Experience.

Let’s look at them and see what’s new and interesting about these new features.

  1. New Design

GiftCardsToNaira version 3.0 now has a beautiful fresh new look and design for both the website and mobile application.

  1. Poll System

An engaging Poll System is another new feature that has been added to this platform, where users can have fun and earn money by participating in football match predictions etc.

  1. User Levels

Another feature of the updated version of this platform is the exciting User Levels system which allows users to reach new levels after trading a specific number of cards.

  1. Referral System

A referral system is one of the new features added to this platform, where you can earn 20% of every trading point made by anyone you refer. This allows you to earn more money too.

  1. Leaderboard Reward

This feature acts as an incentive and a reward program whereby the top users of the platform earn extra Cash weekly and monthly.

  1. Gift Card Trading Points

This feature allows you to earn more money with every transaction done on the platform in multiple ways.

  1. Improved Trading Experience

The new GiftcardstoNaira version 3.0 has an overall improvement to the trading experience to ensure that users get instant payouts and 24/7 customer support.

How To Trade Gift Cards On GiftCardsToNaira Platform

Below is the step-by-step guide on How to Trade or Sell Gift Cards using GiftcardstoNaira App.

  • Download the GiftCardstoNaira Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store
  • Create an account and “Sign Up,” then “Login.”
  • Navigate to “Wallet” and click on “Add new account” to add your Bank Account details or MOMO Number
  • Go to the Main Menu “Home” page and click on “Sell Gift Cards” to submit your Gift Card
  • Select your “Gift Card Category” and the Sub-category
  • Enter the “Amount” of the card and Upload the Card Image.
  • Then click the “Confirm” button to Submit your trade.
  • Wait for 2 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  • After Confirmation, check your Wallet for your Cash.
  • Then, Withdraw to your Bank Account or MOMO Number directly.

List of Gift Cards To Sell For Cash On GiftCardsToNaira

Here is a list of all the gift cards you can sell for Cash on the GiftCardsToNaira Platform.

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • eBay Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card
  • American Express (Amex) Gift Card
  • BestBuy Gift Card
  • JCPenney Gift Card
  • Apple Store Gift Card
  • Footlocker Gift Card
  • Macy Gift Card
  • Vanilla/OneVanilla Visa Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card
  • NetSpend Gift Card
  • Vanilla/OneVanilla Mastercard Gift Card
  • American Express Serve Gift Card
  • GameStop Gift Card
  • Roblox Gift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card
  • Kohl’s Gift Card
  • Lowe’s Gift Card
  • Ulta Beauty Gift Card
  • Netflix Gift Card.

GiftCardsToNaira Contact Details





Email Address: [email protected]

Call/WhatsApp: +234 705 837 2518.


Everything you need to know about the GiftCardsToNaira Version 3.0 New Design and Features is available here on this page.

If you’re a new gift card trader, you can start trading your gift card on this platform today without fear or worry.

You get your money instantly when you trade and exchange your gift cards for Naira or Cedis on this platform.

And also, trading on the platform becomes more enjoyable and rewarding with these new features and improvements.

Get started on the GiftCardsToNaira Platform to enjoy absolute peace of mind while trading your gift cards.

Happy Trading!