May 19, 2023

No evil spirit in Aso Rock as claimed by Reuben Abati – Femi Adesina

No evil spirit in Aso Rock - Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina

President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina has said he did see any evil spirits in the last eight years he spent at the Aso Rock Villa as claimed by Reuben Abati.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential spokesperson, Abati claimed in an article titled ‘The spiritual side of Aso Rock’ in 2016, that there was “a force higher than what we can imagine.”

Abati further said a cleric recommended that Aso Rock was “full of evil spirit” and that the state house “should be converted into a museum and abandoned.” 

He claimed he suffered injuries and could not breathe properly for six months and “never slept in the apartment they gave me in that villa for an hour”.

Reacting to his predecessor’s claims seven years back, Adesina said he slept in the house apportioned to him in the presidential villa for eight years without experiencing Abati’s “wild claims.” 

In an article titled ‘The good in goodbye’, Adesina said he never suffered any mysterious illness, adding that no weirdness was experienced in the official residence.

He added that Abati’s alleged ordeal “really has nothing to do with Aso Villa”.

Adesina said, “My predecessor in office (read, ancestor) Dr Reuben Abati, had alleged that Aso Villa is haunted, and should be turned to a museum. Abandoned. True? I didn’t see any of his rather wild claims, not in eight years.

“To the glory of God, I never experienced anything like this. Human beings normally face one vicissitude or the other, it is part of life. But God equally spares His own. No ailment to nurse, other than things typical of aspiring senior citizens like me. And nothing died under the waist.

“Well, I slept in my house in the Villa for eight years. And I snored, even so loudly to wake myself up. So, it’s really different strokes for different folks. And it really has nothing to do with Aso Villa. Yes, sound sleep is another good in goodbye.”