May 25, 2023

Dear Bunmi, my friend’s angry I dated her ex

Dear Bunmi, my friend’s angry I dated her ex

My current boyfriend and I had been friends for years. My friend was his long-term girlfriend, until two years ago.

But she dumped him because he was jobless and always in the gym. She said he was all muscle and no brain.

We became a couple after they split and she immediately blocked my calls and deleted me from social networks when she found out.

I honestly can’t understand her attitude. Do you think she wants him back? He now works as a trainer in a gym and is happy.

Lola, by e-mail.          

Dear Lola,

Your ex-friend sounds like a spiteful girl with a long-term habit of putting people down.

First her ex, now you. I don’t think she wants him back, successful or not. More likely she doesn’t want anyone else to have him.

Maybe she thinks she was wrong to dump him. But it’s a while ago she dumped him? If she was a real friend, she’d wish you well. So maybe you’re better off without her?