May 28, 2023

10th NASS: It’s payback for my service, sacrifice, says Izunaso


National Assembly

By Omeiza Ajayi, Abuja

One of the aspirants to the Office of the Senate President, Osita Izunaso has again described himself as the best fit for the position, saying it is payback time from his ruling All Progressives Congress APC and the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

A statement for his Media Office indicated that Senator Izunaso disclosed this shortly after the inauguration of Interdenominational service held at the Ecumenical Centre, Abuja.

He declared that for justice, fairness and equity, the new President of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the leadership of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress APC should consider service and sacrifice to the party in deciding who to support for the position of senate president.

Izunaso explained that he yielded his time, energy and all in him together with the likes of elder statesman, Chief Bisi Akande and the current Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fahola to build the party from scratch and served as the National Organizing Secretary for five years without any blemish maintaining that it would be grossly unfair and unjust for the leadership of the party to deny him the senate presidency when he said he was the best among the contestants.

He said; “I am a founding member of APC, we travelled to Lagos every weekend for good six months during the formation stages, to coin the name and get it right, we designed the logo, bringing together components of other parties making up the proposed APC then before going for registration in the Corporate Affairs Commission. Governor Fashola is alive today, he knows all I am saying because he was part of the whole thing from day one.

“We conducted 36 governorship primaries, there was not a single litigation, why, because we did the right thing. You will agree with me that, that is what it means to show capacity. You know we battled a sitting President, therefore, we needed to do everything right to wrestle power from them; so if I could hold the Party at that level from its formation stage when we didn’t even know we were going to win, why won’t I be able to lead the Red Chambers effectively as Senate President?

“So for me, I can actually say, it should be a payback time for me, having sacrificed my time, energy, scarce resources and services for the APC. I think it is only fair and just for the party to think it wise to compensate me, I think the time is now.

“Having served selflessly without blemish through rain and shine, during turbulent times when there was no ray of hope for the Party, I think I deserve to be compensated; and having contested election and fortunately returned to the Senate, I think I am well qualified to vie for the position of the Senate President, and why won’t I seek for it and why wouldn’t APC in their wisdom not consider and compensate me? I’ve paid my dues in the party, I have sacrificed a lot enough to earn adequate compensation from the APC; if I am not qualified, that should had been a different ball game.

“The people dragging the position of Senate President with me today were in PDP, they were not in APC, they castigated the party then as “dead on arrival” during the formation stage, and recall, PDP did everything within their powers then to frustrate the registration of the party at the corporate affairs commission because they were in power.

“We formed and funded the Party, nurtured and ran it through its formation stage till today, some of them just joined the Party about 4-5years ago. Yes, it is said the more the merrier, so, we heartily welcome them to APC, but if we hadn’t sustained the Party and won, they may not have joined.

“Speaking on the claim that the South-East did not vote enough for the party to deserve the nation’s No 3 position, Senator Izunaso said: every APC candidate that emerged victorious in the 2023 elections from the Southeast geopolitical zone deserves commendation. Our victory is like the proverbial camel passing through the eye of a needle. It was not funny at all, because this time around, the Southeast had a major frontline Presidential candidate who enjoyed massive support and sympathy from voters of the zone. It was not an easy election I can say that a million times.

“I was elected into the House of Reps as far back as 2003 and into the Senate in 2007, but before then, I had worked in the House of Representatives as a staff, also worked in the Senate as staff and I’m not sure any of my contemporaries have that pedigree, all I’m saying that I am the most qualified at this point in time for the President of the 10th Senate; therefore, it should be a payback time for me”.