April 23, 2023

American Airlines bans Indian student for urinating on co-passenger

Indian student banned for urinating on co-passenger

By Biodun Busari

American Airlines has banned an Indian national studying in the United States, Aryan Vohra, who allegedly urinated on a fellow passenger while being during a 15-hour flight from New York to New Delhi.

According to the Times of India, Vohra, a 21-year-old who flew business class was drunk and peed on an older passenger when onboard American Airlines flight AA292 from John F Kennedy International Airport to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

He was arrested in Delhi late Saturday as he stepped off American Airlines Flight AA 292 from JFK, according to Indian police and the airline.

The pilot radioed ahead to warn of a “disruptive customer” who “was heavily intoxicated,” officials said.

“He was repeatedly arguing with the operating crew, was not willing to be seated and continuously endangering the safety of crew and aircraft,” American Airlines said.

“After disturbing the safety of fellow passengers, [he] finally urinated on a passenger,” the airline said.

The report revealed that Vohra — who was travelling home for his sister’s wedding — later told security agents that he had tried to go to the bathroom but the door was locked, according to the Times of India.

The identity of the victim of the urination humiliation was not revealed beyond the fact that it was a man in seat 15G, which is in business class.

Vohra apologised and begged him not to file a complaint, which he appeared to have gone along with, police said, noting the arrest followed a complaint filed by the airline, not the alleged soaked victim.

It disclosed that Vohra continued to “misbehave” after being led from the plane by security officials, Devesh Kumar Mahla, the airport’s deputy head of police said.

Mahla vowed to take the “strongest possible action” as American Airlines also cancelled his return flight to the Big Apple — and banned him from all its future flights.

Vohra was released on bail Sunday as law enforcement agents continued with their investigation.