March 26, 2023

What Tinubu must do to win Igbo people over—Cossy Ojiakor

What Tinubu must do to win Igbo people over—Cossy Ojiakor

Nollywood actress and singer, Cossy Ojiakor has never shown her political identity and in fact, many would not have thought the busty entertainer has any political blood flowing in her veins. All thanks to the Obedient movement championed by Peter Obi of the Labour Party as the diva has discovered another side of her personality.

Interestingly, she was a Labour Party agent in the just concluded presidential elections and she said she discharged her duty to the best of her abilities, voluntarily without any monetary inducement. Like many who supported Peter Obi, she was disappointed they lost but says she has a piece of advice for the President-elect.

“I personally supported Peter Obi to usher in the much-needed change in Nigeria. My biggest hope was hinged on Peter Obi establishing a seaport and an airport in Southeast. The only problem of Igbo is the seaport and airport. That was the hope we had with Obi. If Tinubu can actually create a seaport in Asaba or Anambra, he will be worshipped,” she told Potpourri in a chat.

“When Igbo spare parts dealers said they want to relocate to the East, I wonder how they can survive without a seaport as the only seaport that works in Nigeria is in Lagos. I was even a polling unit agent during the last election, I don’t have to tell you what went down. But Tinubu is a father. If he can do this to develop Nigeria and decongest Lagos, Igbos will peacefully go home and sell their business there,” she added.

Cossy, dropped the bombshell that people shouldn’t be surprised to see her join the political landscape in the next dispensation as she is seriously considering contesting an elective position.