March 19, 2023

Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel drops important message for Nigerians

The President of Shiloh Word Chapel and the Founder of the Samaritan Foundation, Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel, has urged Nigerians to embrace love so that life can be a better place for everyone.

The cleric noted that the message of love became necessary due to widespread bickering and politicking; ethnic rivalry, especially in our political clime.

He urged Nigerians to ensure they stand against dirty politics.

According to the cleric, the nation cannot prosper amid bitterness, argument, and hatred for one another.

He said: “What we have seen in the last couple of days must be stopped. We need to show love to one another. The ambition of a politician is not bigger than the unity of Nigeria. So, I say to Nigerians, rise up and show love to one another.”

When asked on how he has contributed to society to ensure love spreads across the country, Prophet Samuel said’

“To ensure love is spread across the nation is one of the reasons the Lord led me to start the Samaritan Foundation.

“With this Foundation, we have been able to share the word of God and also gifts, money to the people.

“Our message has been loud and clear. We will not stop and I am assured that our objectives will be assured as God liveth.”