March 15, 2023

OpenAI unveils latest language model, GPT-4

American artificial intelligence company OpenAI has unveiled the latest version of its large language model, GPT-4.

It claims that the latest version exhibits human-level intelligence and capable of outdoing most people’s SAT scores.

GPT-4, which is an improved version of its previous language models, has been trained with more data and has more weights in its model file, making it expensive to run.

According to the company, it can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, owing to its broader general knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

The large multimodal model is reported to have scored 93rd percentile on a simulated SAT reading test, and hit the 89th percentile on a simulated SAT math exam. GPT also scored in the 90th percentile on a simulated bar exam.

OpenAI disclosed that it has been using GPT-4 in its company functions such as support, sales, programming, and content moderation, and it is also using it to assist humans in evaluating AI outputs.

Like previous GPT models, the GPT-4 base model was trained to predict the next word in a document, and it was trained using available data. When prompted with a question, the base model can respond in a wide variety of ways that might be far from a user’s intent.

Meanwhile, OpenAI disclosed that to cut down on some of the language model potential problems, it would fine-tune the model’s behavior using reinforcement learning with human feedback.

The new model will be available to paid ChatGPT subscribers and will also be available as part of an API that allows programmers to integrate AI into their apps. OpenAI will charge about 3 cents for about 750 words of prompts and 6 cents for about 750 words in response.

It is interesting to note that OpenAI GPT’s large language model remarkable ability has wowed a lot of people and tech entrepreneurs, which have seen it incorporated into different tech products. Tech companies such as Microsoft, and Google, have incorporated the language model into their products to enhance users’ experience.