March 14, 2023

Lopsim hits N22bn customers’ transaction milestone

Lopsim CTO, Peter Daniel and CEO, Olayinka Oladogba

By Henry Ojelu

Financial technology company, Lopsim Technologies Ltd has disclosed that it facilitated over N22billion in customers transactions in the last two years.

Lopsim Technologies which now provides Banking and Fintech as a service via a robust digital infrastructure along with license sharing for Banks or Fintechs was formerly known as Pacioli.

The company also enables Fintechs to automatically onboard customer’s auto-generated KYC profiles and determine the eligibility of customers to take a loan.

Speaking during a media parley in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer of Lopsim Technologies, Olayinka Oladogba, revealed that over 80,000 customers’ transactions have so far been facilitated by her company.

Olayinka stated that as part of efforts to achieve its global impact goal, the company took a strategic decision to rebrand as an incorporated entity known as Lopsim Technologies.

She said: “This year, we are celebrating a milestone of over N22billion in over 80,000 customers’ transactions. It is a huge figure and we are glad to have come this far in a relatively short time.

For a long time now Fintechs have become major players in the African Business Ecosystem and we are excited to be in the value chain that drives financial inclusion.

‘In aligning with our long term plans for global impact, we are now rebranding as an incorporated entity known as Lopsim Technologies and will be helping individuals, teams, cooperatives or companies to easily start up a Bank or Fintech by providing more massive mouth-watering solutions, technological start-kits, license sharing, and robust cloud-based all-encompassing interconnected software systems which includes Bulk SMS Software, Email applications, CRM Software, ERP software, Customer Services, Book-keeping, Account Management Software and other digital solutions that enables Banks and Fintechs to provide highly efficient fully automated digital services to their customers.

Also speaking at the event, Chief Technology Officer of the company, Peter Daniel noted that Lopsim was developed by Petrong Software Solutions.

“Banks and Fintechs that use our products can now achieve their financial and operational goals without worrying about the technology side of their businesses because we take care of that. There is no doubt that Lopsim is on target in making some giant leaps towards financial inclusion and the decentralization of banking in Africa,” he said.

Peter added that “As part of the core values at Lopsim Technologies, the team sustains the drive for selflessness – putting their clients first in transactions, communication and policy making, working hard and smart to give clients a unique experience every time and pursuing massive and desirable outcomes from all their business activities with clients.”

According to him, “The team aims to be at the forefront of driving financial inclusion in Africa, the importance of financial inclusion is emphasized across 6 of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.”