March 12, 2023

Kaduna Professor develops mosquito repellent fabric

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Sponsored by TETFund

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

A Professor in the Department of Pure  and Applied Chemistry, Kaduna State University, Zakari Ladan has secured a research grant with his collaborating partners under the TETFund 2020 National Research Fund intervention worth Twenty-Seven Million Twenty Thousand and Twenty-Seven Naira (N27,020,027.00) only.

Adamu Nuhu Bargo, Public Relations Officer of KASU, in a statement, stated that title of the project is “Development of an eco-friendly mosquito repellent fabric embedded with nanoparticles encapsulated with Vitex negundo bioactive compounds.” This is the first NRF/TETFund grant won by KASU being the host Institution, in collaboration with Bingham University and Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.

Prof. Ladan the principal researcher, specialized in organic/synthetic chemistry with three co-researchers namely; Dr. B.J Okoli from Bingham University who is an organic chemist, Dr. U.D Ejike from Bingham University, a Biochemist and Dr. M. Fanyana an expert in nanotechnology from the Vaal University of Technology, South Africa.

The research is focused on producing a mosquito-repellent fabric embedded with nanoparticles encapsulated with the active constituents of Vitex negundo bioactive compounds. Rather than the continuous use of chemical insecticides or mosquito-treated nets with synthetic chemicals, the mosquito-repellent fabrics developed from this research is in the form of sleeping nightgowns with other bio-products such as bio-insecticide sprays and repellence creams formulated with the plant’s bioactive constituent for the control of mosquito bites.

The project achieved its objectives with the following outcomes:Production of fabrics (nightgowns) embedded with nanoparticles encapsulated with V. negundo bioactive compounds for the control of mosquitoes. Attended two international conferences: 

American Chemical Society International conference held at RMRDC, Abuja where a paper was presented on the topic: “Chemotaxonomy of Vitex negundo L. Essential Oil from Six States of the North-Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria (2022)”.

Paper presented at the International Conference on Health Access and Socio-Economic Development beyond COVID-19 at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, on the topic:”Antioxidant, Dermal and Acute Toxicological effects of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis (Dehn-Blakely) Essential Oil on Male Wistar Rats (2021)”.

Published seven (7) articles in high-impact factor journals and two (2) conference proceedings.

Patented a novel essential oil pilot plant that can isolate aromatic bioactive constituents from plants useful in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and flavour industries.

Organized NRF/ Tetfund workshop at Bingham University, Karu on the 22nd of June 2022 on the topic: “Malaria prevention and control measures using some plant bioactive constituents found in North central Geo-political zone of Nigeria”.

Formulated five different products using the isolated bioactive constituents of Vitex negundo plant to include the following: Mosquito repellent cream, Pure Eucalyptol oil, aerosol sprays, mosquito repellent spray fitted with fan etc.

Development of gloss and water-based mosquito repellent paint.

The NRF/TETFund grant under the supervision of Prof. Ben A. Chindo , Director of Research and Development has fulfilled the TETFund requirement with the successful implementation of the project objectives.