March 4, 2023

Finance expert, Falaki tasks youths on hard work, competence, credible pedigree

A financial guru, Olubusuyi Falaki on Saturday, tasked youths on the need to prioritize hardwork, competence and credible pedigree in the task of self-discovery and success in life.
In a statement, the finance expert condemned the usual trend where cheap blackmail and propaganda are being promoted above verifiable facts and issue-based ideologies.
Falaki said: “I have carefully studied the usual trend that has characterised our polity and national affairs where propaganda and falsehoods have been elevated above meritocracy, competence and hard work in the task of nation-building.
“It must be emphasized that any achievement gotten through falsehood is ephemeral and can’t stand the test of time. We must subject our reasonings to critical analysis and engage an issues-based approach in promoting ideals for self-development and nation-building.
“Hardwork, competence and credible pedigree are key attributes to be sought after in whoever wishes to govern our society at all levels and such qualities must not be jeopardized on the alter of mediocrity and cheap blackmails.
“We teeming youths, who are the indispensable segment of our National configuration can only get things right when issues of contentions are best addressed properly and in competent courts of jurisdiction rather than keying into baseless blackmails such as emotional basis, sexual and unsubstantiated claims with no values and ideology. We must set clear examples and drift from the usual approach of blackmails which has been employed over time in our National affairs with little mileage on the path of progress.”