March 3, 2023

Emmanuel Alade joins Black Excellence Project  

<strong>Emmanuel Alade joins Black Excellence Project  </strong>

Emmanuel Alade,  one of UK’s outstanding architects, joins Black Excellence Project.

The Black Excellence Project aims at giving young black people the opportunity to harness and develop their practical and analytical skills so as to promote an enabling environment for growth, awareness and excellence.

This weekend’s Black Excellence project was facilitated by Euton Daley, Amantha Edmead and Kimberly Waring-Paynter, with an inspiring initiative aimed at broadening the opportunities available to young people by offering invaluable industry exposure. The project is supported by the 1 to 100 Podcast, which has been instrumental in uniting a diverse group of voices and professionals.

Emmanuel Alade’s role in the project was to deliver a day session focusing on Architecture in Practice. He gave insights into and shared experiences from his career as an architect. According to him, “Contributing to the project in this way and engaging with the next generation of architects and builders was indeed a humbling and rewarding experience”.

Throughout the session, Alade alongside the students were able to explore the many different facets of architecture: design concept and planning, project management and construction. The importance of sustainability in the field of architecture, and how we can work together to create equitable opportunities for all was also discussed extensively.

Aligning with the vision of the Black Excellence Project, Alade stated that one of the most rewarding aspects of the day was seeing the enthusiasm and passion of the young people who participated and the amazing sketches they were able to create. Their questions were thoughtful and ideas impressive, showing a real commitment to building a better future.

Emmanuel Alade thanked the organizers of the Black Excellence project for their vision and dedication, as well as the 1 to 100 podcast for their support. It is his hope that the participants of this project will be inspired to pursue careers in architecture and other related fields, and grow to become sought after professionals within the industry.

Emmanuel Alade is the founder and CEO of Creatrix Empire, Afrobeatsglobal, ZEDesigns, Voicetome and UncutXtra Magazine and a Nigerian- UK based architect. The Nigerian UK based architect is an alumni of the University of Portsmouth and Oxford Brookes University where he obtained his Bachelor and Masters degree in Architecture respectively and completed Part 3 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture London . He has several years of experience under his belt as an architect and entrepreneur with multiple businesses while providing job opportunities for lots of individuals.