March 1, 2023

Ekiema Wellness unveils two new products

Ekiema Wellness unveils two new products

One of Nigeria’s leading alternative medicine company, Ekiema Wellness as just unveiled two new products to their catalog. Coming as a combination of two products,The COMPLETE DETOX KIT BY EKIEMA Is a rarely seen type of Detox that has a combination of a DETOX Tea and a Detox FOOTPATCH.

Speaking about the product, Osaro Destiny Osaretin, the company’s CEO stated that, “The COMPLETE DETOX TEA BY EKIEMA is specially formulated from the finest of herbs focusing on detoxifying the body and flushing unwanted toxins. It boosts your immunity and puts your body back at default.”

He adds that, “The TEA doesn’t purge and it also helps to balance hormones, has great anti bacteria and herbs that boosts immunity and protects your body from diseases and infections.”

The Ekiema of Benin as he is renownedly known assures that with this kit, you are sure to improve body organs and immunity.