February 23, 2023

US President Biden calls for peaceful, transparent polls in Nigeria

US President Biden calls for peaceful, transparent polls in Nigeria

President Joe Biden

US President, Joe Biden, has called for peaceful and credible 2023 general elections in Nigeria, saying the citizens deserve a chance to do so.

Biden made the call on his official handle, Thursday, calling on all candidates to respect the election results and back a peaceful transition.

“All Nigerians deserve a chance to choose their new leader through a free, fair, transparent, and peaceful process.

“As election day nears, I urge the political parties and candidates to live up to their pledge to respect the election results and support a peaceful transition,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Biden’s message re-echoed the stance of diplomatic missions which released a joint statement earlier.

“We call on parties to respect electoral laws and institutions and take a firm stand against violence and hate speech by their supporters. We ask the security services in Nigeria to do their utmost to protect that process and prevent and deter attacks against INEC facilities, materials, and personnel,” they said.

While welcoming the signing of the second Peace Accord by the candidates of parties competing in the upcoming presidential election, the diplomatic missions said they are fully committed to supporting all efforts that will ensure the Nigerian people decide who wins the election.

They said it is vital for Nigeria’s stability and democratic consolidation that the process is conducted and concluded safely, fairly, and credibly.