February 23, 2023

Don’t vote for old, self-acclaimed experienced politicians – Bishop Amah

Don’t vote for old, self-acclaimed experienced politicians – Bishop Amah

…says Nigeria is in Coma, if we get it right on Saturday, God will help the new president to resuscitate it.

 … adds Saturday’s election will determine the continued existence of Nigeria.

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

AHEAD of Saturday’s presidential election in Nigeria, the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Ogbaru, has said that the election is critical and will define a lot of things about Nigeria as a nation, that is currently in Coma.

The Diocese disclosed this through its Bishop Rt. Rev. Prosper Amah, who also said that the presidential election will equally determine the continuation and progress of the subsequent elections that will follow it.

He, therefore, warned the electorates and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to endeavour to get it right for the progress of the subsequent election.

Speaking with newsmen in the Bishops Court, Atani, Ogbaru Local Government Area, Bishop Amah, warned that if the electorates and INEC fail to get things right for Nigeria on Saturday, everything about Nigeria should be forgotten, and “Nigeria will be summarized,” urging the electorates and INEC to prayerfully do the needful.

Bishop Amah told the electorates and INEC that in exercising their duties and  franchise respectively, they should consider, and put so many variables into play, including the unborn generation that is coming, the outside world who are watching and above all God, who is also watching from heaven.

According to Bishop Ameh, “The forthcoming presidential election does not matter which region one is coming from or the religion one belongs, but the life of Nigeria that is in Coma and the imperative of voting people with track records who may not be familiar with them, but have achieved records and save Nigeria is what matters.”

The Nnewi born Bishop Amah, warned Nigerians against voting and recycling people he described as, “Tired, outdated, wicked and heartless politicians” saying that Nigerians are tired of them and their antics.

“It does not matter when you started to politics, it is insignificant for any serious Nigerian voter now because from what is happening now in Nigeria, it is very obvious that the self acclaimed experienced, old and professional politicians have nothing to offer. I repeat, experienced, old, professional, outdate, wicked and greedy politicians have nothing to offer, they have killed us and we are dying in their hands they should leave the scene.

“We want them to retire, I repeat they should retire and leave the scene, nobody should vote for them, we need fresh air, they should disappear from the scene so that Nigerians will enjoy fresh air, and we expect the electorates to do the needful on Saturday February 25, 2023, because that election is the determining factor for the future and continued existence of Nigeria.

“I will always say that Nigeria is in reverse gear, we are already in the dungeon, so getting it wrong on Saturday, means calling people for our funeral. Already Nigeria is in Coma, if we get it right on Saturday, may be God will help the new president that will emerge to resuscitate us, but if we decided to recycle these hawks, wicked, greedy and heartless politicians who are getting ready for our burial, we are finished.

Reminded that the election is coming at a time Nigerians are suffering consequences of some policies, Bishop Amah said, “It is important that the presidential election is coming when Nigerians are suffering because of the cashless policy, fuel scarcity and other wicked policies of the leaders, but we know that days like we are having will come.”

“We already know them and their tricks, the Bible said, ” In all things God work for the good of them that love him.” They wanted to use poverty weapon against us and to swear our votes, they have weaponized poverty so they will control our brain, unknown to them and in their wicked arrangements, God is working out something and people have come to know that the incumbent government has failed woefully, has nothing to offer and does not have our interest at heart.

“So for all these sufferings to come at the verge of our general election, is to tell the people where to cast their votes. They thought in their small mind that they were weaponizing poverty against us, but unknown to them, they were campaigning against themselves, so what is happening now is not new because we are used to suffering in Nigeria and this time it will be for our advantage.

“God has a way of arranging things, they planned to use poverty weapon against us but look at the way God is turning it against them, you can see how  Governors and leaders of the ruling party are fighting against the president and you can see how the president is trying to disobey the Supreme Court order, what does that show you, they are in disarray, they have initiated and created civil disobedience, so whether they come with fuel scarcity and naira scarcity or hoarding, God will use those things against them and compulsorily retire, push them away from leadership and perfect his purposed for Nigeria come Saturday 25, February 2023.

On the sudden resurgence of insecurity especially, the attack on Police stations, in Anamhra State, Bishop Amah, said  politicians are being behind it, just to reduce the votes of the people of Anambra State and South East in general.

“We are worried about the attacks on police stations because lives are involved, but I want to tell you for free that politicians are behind the insecurity in Anambra State and South East in general. I repeat, politicians know what is going on and what they are doing, but I want to tell them that every person must die one day and they should desist from wasting innocent lives.

“Let them stop killing us, let them not use violence to scare us away from polling units and polling boots, we are resolved and determined to vote, they can’t stop us, our people must vote. It does not matter what they are planning, we know they want to reduce the votes in South East. Election must hold and we must vote in South East by the grace of God.

“Let them not intimidate us because we will not fall to their intimidation, they can’t discourage us from exercising our franchise on Saturday, because we are determined like never before to vote and take back our country”