February 12, 2023

BBN Titans: The knocks and the kudos

<strong>BBN Titans: The knocks and the kudos</strong>

By Ayo Onikoyi

Big Brother Titans reality TV show currently taking place in South Africa, involving Nigerian and South African Housemates has entered his third week with the usual drama and entertainment many across the continent have come to love. In this edition, Potpourri takes a look at viewers’ perception so far. And it appears it is a potpourri of kudos and knocks;

Nigerian and South African Housemates

Multichoice didn’t exactly give out the big idea behind having a Big Brother House with both Nigerians and South Africans under one roof, but it sure appeals to reason that they may very well be promoting a bond between Nigerians and South Africans.

It is particularly pertinent, when one considers that these two nationals aren’t exactly too keen on each other. Information exists that both nationals share latent disaffection towards each other. And of course, some conversations in the Biggie’s House attest to that.

But whether this reality TV show will promote more love between the two nations, who are competitors in many respects, remains to be seen.

However, A lot of social media users are impressed with the organizers for creating an edition where Nigerians and South Africans will stay under a roof for days, thereby strengthening the ties between citizens of the two giant African countries.

Here are some of what social media users are saying, on recommendation of the organizers..

@Jehovahoverwomen tweeted: This is a good way of uniting South Africans and Nigerians some more. Hopefully, this will not be the first and last of such an initiative. Good one.

@Okeyokafor tweeted: Wow! Nigerians and South Africans under one roof! Maybe this will curb xenophobia wars.

@Joemoneybag tweeted: with these concepts, the world will now see that Africans can relate well. Nigerians and South Afriocans will learn one or two things about each other’s traditions and cultures, and this will further build the unity between both nations. Great one there.

Romance in the house

The Big Brother House has never been without some form of romance and even sex. Some may argue the Titans got off a bit too quickly but then the show is not meant for anyone below 18 years of age. Right from the get go, it was clear enough these sets of Housemates aren’t going to be taking prisoners, as far as their emotions go. But what is more interesting is the paring. We have seen Yemi from Nigeria bonding with two South African women, Khosi and Blue Aiva. Something seems to be brewing between Yvonne and Juicy Jay, Marvin and Yaya and of course others from the same country.

The Election question

The Big brother reality show has been a good source of entertainment for mostly the youths, but this year’s edition seems to be of little interest to Nigerian youths who see it a distraction, especially as a lot of them are preparing to vote in the forthcoming general elections.

A lot of people have come up with comments questioning the relevance of the show at this period when Nigeria is gearing towards an election.

@Comrade4change on Twitter said: Nigerian youths refuse to be distracted. Whatever the intention they have, we will still vote in our choices.

@Judeoge on Twitter said: This Big brother show, abeg wetin e get to offer us?

@Markchichi on Twitter wrote: Are we not supposed to be focused on changing this country? Why are they bringing up this show at this period? What has it got to offer, to help in a good election?

Gospel music powerhouse, Minister Raqell to tour US

Minister Raqell is set to embark on a tour of the United States of America, which will see her minister musically in several Nigerian churches, communities and events in the US cities of Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Maryland, Houston, Dallas, New York and Virginia

Raqell’s music is deeply rooted in cultural uniqueness centered on Indigenous worship and praise in contemporary African compositions and languages such as Ibibio, Yoruba and Igbo. She is a practical worship leader with over 1000 live ministrations, in and outside Nigeria.

Attesting to her ability she shares that, “For me, the definition of good music is the lyrics, rhythm and production. And what supersedes everything for me is the message in the song.”

With her style of an authentic origin and an artistry like no other, she details her style as being very versatile, dynamic and a deep worshipper. Adding to this, she mentioned that, “I am a deep threshing floor worshipper that believes in the healing of mind, body and soul through music.”

Minister Raqell is a vocal powerhouse with two successful albums, OXYGEN and OXYGEN 2.0. She is set to pour out her heart in deep worship and reverence in a new music production with the Healing Room Worship.