January 26, 2023

Teen Wolf: The Movie — 4 major characters missing

Scott McCall has brought together the McCall Pack in light of a new threat coming to Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf: The Movie

Five years since MTV canceled Teen Wolf after six seasons, Paramount+ is revisiting Beacon Hills with a new mission for the McCall Pack.

With different lives to be lived, Scott seeks help from his trusted allies as they deal with a familiar adversary with the return of the Nogitsune.

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This time, however, the villain uses Allison Argent and the lingering heartbreak of her death to pit her against her beloved friends.

Fans of the movie, however, will be missing their favorite casts in this version.

Here is a list of 4 of the casts absent from the movie:

1. Stiles Stilinski

Stilinski is arguably the biggest absence from the Teen Wolf Movie.

2. Kira Yukimura

Another actor whose decision to exit Teen Wolf is still shrouded in secrecy.

3. Isaac Lahey

Lahey is another character from Teen Wolf 3 fans of the movie will miss.

4. Ethan Steiner

After an impressive performance in Teen Wolf Season 2, Steiner is among the cast from the initial movie that won’t be featured in the Teen Wolf Movies.