January 1, 2023

Southern Kaduna attacks: Buhari urged to deploy more troops 

Buhari's Sallah message


By Ibrahim Hassan,Kaduna 

The Southern Kaduna Senatorial candidate of the Labour Party (LP) , Engr. Mike Ayuba Auta has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the security chiefs to deploy more troops to the area to stop killings and destruction of property by terrorists. 

Speaking at a  press conference, Engr.Auta who decried the incessant attacks on the people of Southern Kaduna advocated for the establishment of an indigenous security outfit in the area as a means of providing more security to the area.

He said so many innocent people have lost their lives to the unwarranted attacks and promised to prioritize the safety of lives and properties if elected Senator in 2023.

While alleging that the recent attacks on Southern Kaduna were an attempt to disenfranchise the people ahead of the general elections, he accused the government of not doing enough to secure the lives and properties of the people.

He noted that Southern Kaduna has able men who could defend the region against all odds and appealed to their people who have what it takes to get involved in championing the course of security and defence of the area. 

According to him, “it is disheartening that killing of human beings has become the order of the day without any fear that man has no right whatsoever to take another’s life. Some of us appear to have lost our human reasoning, become different from other of God’s creation, refusing to love ourselves like our creator who is a living God.”

“Those in authority should have the political will to confront these evil people in other to ensure sanity in the system. I honestly feel the government has not done enough to secure the lives of the people and the properties they swore to protect.”

“It is a pity that for the past 12 years now or more, there has been a series of attacks and killings of our people, particularly in Southern Kaduna. In spite of the presence of security personnel in the area, our people have suffered a lot in the hands of some few individuals who have succeeded in killing people from one village to another, destroying valuables of an imaginable magnitude,  leaving many houses and communities completely destroyed for years without any concern from those in authority or any form of assistance to give the affected people hope of living.”

“The series of attacks appeared to be another conspiracy of silence to drive investors away from the area and to totally destroy the economic potentials the area is blessed with. Ginger which is the main crop being produced in the area and is recognized globally and other natural resources are gradually giving way following the incessant attacks the area is known with. Something urgent  has to be done to arrest the ugly situation and restore the lost glory that southern Kaduna is known for.”

“Time has come for the people of Southern Kaduna to stand up irrespective of any differences to unite themselves against any enemy that is trying to cause artificial hardship in the area, and also cause division among the peace-loving people. It is when we quickly understand the plan of the evil ones in our midst that these attacks going on could easily be arrested and ensure permanent peace is restored in the area.”

“These series of attacks in my candid opinion is an attempt to give the area a bad name as a troublesome area in the state in other to deny us of our privileges as law-abiding people. It is also an attempt to make INEC avoid this area during the election in other to reduce our bulk votes that the area is known for.”

“I am using this rare opportunity to condole the people of southern Kaduna particularly the people of Kaura, Zango-kata for the unfortunate incidents, on the case of renewed attacks that led to the loss of lives, surviving few displaced, houses burnt, cars, motorcycles and other valuables at this critical period of human existence. May the Almighty God comfort them.”

“I wish to appeal to INEC to please ensure every nook and cranny in Southern Kaduna is fully allowed to exercise its constitutional rights of going to the poll and cast their votes for the candidates of their choice.”

“I will like to call on our sons and daughters in Diaspora to cooperate and do all they can to contribute to helping their people who are facing a lot of challenges.”

“I call on the International community, Human right watch group, ICC, and other reputable entities to lend their voices to the government and come to the aid of the Southern Kaduna people so as to save them from the inhumane treatment they have been experiencing for long without any concrete step taking by any government to bring this deadly act to an end.”