Qatar World Cup

December 6, 2022

{Video]: Samuel Eto’o attacks cameraman outside World Cup stadium

By Efosa Taiwo

President of the Cameroon Football Association, Samuel Eto’o has been filmed physically attacking a cameraman outside Stadium 974 after a World Cup match.

Footage of the incident has since gone viral on social media with the former Barcelona star seen reacting to a statement or an action done by the cameraman at the stadium forefront.

It remains unclear what triggered the behaviour, with the attack coming just seconds after Eto’o appeared happy to pose for photos with fans.

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The Cameroonian was being held back by those around him, but he shoved them away to attack the cameraman with his knee before being held back once more by someone in the scene.

Former Chelsea and Inter Milan striker, Eto’o had his last footballing stint in Qatar before retiring in 2019.

Eto’o won the Champions League with Barcelona and Inter Milan, and he is in Qatar as a global legacy ambassador for FIFA.