The scramble For a Better Digital Currency for Africa Inspired Oduwacoin

Oduwa Global just announced the debut of a Financial Blockchain-based Monetary ecosystem called Oduwa Chain, inspired by the scrumble for a better-decentralized cryptocurrency to empower Africa. Mr. Bright Enabulele, also known as Nana Obudadzie Oduwa I, has created a distinct and focused payment cryptocurrency called OduwaCoin on its own chain to be an African’s new voice that shares the same autonomous power as Bitcoin.  

Oduwacoin innovation was powered by the change in a quest for an alternative to Bitcoin’s non-eco-friendly and excessive energy consumption currency and to assist its lovely people in becoming financially responsible, literate, and free from common financial woe.

The Making of the OduwaCoin

In today’s society, many innovations no longer requires human interference. The World  have rapidly migrated from Humanism to Dataism. Data is the new money. Thanks to blockchain technology, the world now has many approaches to solving problems. Nana Obudadzie and other innovators have played a key role in these advancements by introducing cryptocurrencies to a wider audience of individuals.

The creator of Oduwacoin believes that technology was the only tool that aided the defeat of the continent centuries ago, and it will also be the tools  to liberate Africa.

 Today’s technology includes reusable rockets and neural networks, and individuals are always working to improve our understanding of the universe. But what good are these advancements if people willfully or un-willfully reject others who need our assistance to move up in the world? One of the most incredible inventions of the twenty-first century is used to benefit people worldwide, thanks to several creators and inventors.

 Bright Enabuele was born in Benin City and later moved to the United States in 1999 to further his studies in Computer science.

Bright Enabulele is an entrepreneur and once a software developer whose keen interest in blockchain arose in 2010.

Since then, Enabulele has maintained a strong interest in interacting with blockchain technology and bringing its many advantages to the broader indigenous community.

Enabulele, born and raised in Africa, understands the problems of dealing with corruption in certain parts of the government in the region. Promising a proper implementation and acceptance of Oduwacoin will help fight crime, reduce theft, enable efficient cross-border payment, and transparent ledgers to boost economic growth.

Therefore, the Oduwa founder is working hard to spread the advantages of blockchain technology to even the most isolated and underdeveloped parts of the nation.

He is wonderful, creative, and futuristic in all his thoughts  because of his enthusiasm and sensitivity to helping others.

Enabulele developed the OduwaCoin for the African natives so the common person, using the internet and cell phone, can gain access to a global digital economy.

Enabulele wants to alter how money is transferred worldwide and throughout Africa, lowering cost transactions and enabling cross-border settlement to improve demands on the supply chain.

Cryptocurrency sting for Enabulele

Enabulele has been associated with cryptocurrencies since 2010. Since then, the pioneer has taken advantage of this incredible technology to expand economic opportunities and promote financial literacy among underserved and uninterested communities.

Enabulele contributed to the creation of Oduwacoin as the co-founder of Oduwa Blockchain Solutions and Oduwa Global. It represents the innovator’s initial move in this direction.

With no geographic restrictions, the Oduwacoin will empower and onboard most sovereign soft and weak currencies across the globe. Oduwacoin will also help fight inflation. The Oduwa blockchain network is designed to deliver increased performance and efficiency while facilitating quick transactions at reduced costs.

An outlook for the future

The innovator’s goals and objectives are relevant in the twenty-first century. The team at Oduwa currency hopes to address Africa’s financial underdevelopment and kick off a fintech revolution in the region. In addition to enabling peer-to-peer payments, the Oduwa Network offers features like the Oduwapay payment gateway and merchants’ settlement at a lower cost to boost remittance in the region. Oduwacoin  was inspired to  replace high energy consumption and other impenetrable cryptocurrencies that could create burden on the continent.

The guiding principle of Oduwa Coin is straightforward: “Your money should work for you, not against you.”

Oduwa Coin encourages customers to use a safe and secure platform for cryptocurrency mining, trading, and exchange.

Concerning OduwaCoin

The Oduwa inventor and his team are working to alter how Africans engage with the outside world and build an efficient digital infrastructure for indigenous communities. Oduwacoin, sometimes referred to as the next-generation Bitcoin substitute, is a cryptocurrency network that enables free, worldwide digital money transfers to anyone. The complete Oduwa Network ensures transparency, immutability and purely irrefutable transactions, and is extremely effective, quick, safe, and dependable.

Oduwacoin is an alternative digital currency to paper money backed by the trustless blockchain technology Network. It eliminates human interference, counterfeiting, double spending, and excessive printing like government-issued money. It serves as a medium of exchange, store of value, and proof of ownership.

Unlike centralized fiat money, Oduwacoin is a decentralized open-source blockchain-based monetary system. Inspired by Bitcoin, it uses peer-to-peer technology to settle all transactions within its network. Individual coin ownership records are stored in a transparent ledger using cryptography. Oduwacoin is governed on its native Blockchain to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership.

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