December 27, 2022

Leadway Pensure introduces L.I.S.A. for seamless customer experience

Leadway Pensure Pension Fund Administrator, PFA, has announced the introduction of the Leadway Pensure Instant Service Assistant (L.I.S.A.).

According to the company, the move is aimed at actualising its quest for a seamless, convenient, world-class, always-on customer service experience for its diverse customers.

According to the company, L.I.S.A., an artificial intelligence-powered virtual tech assistant, dubbed the ‘perfect superhuman assistant’, is designed to deliver immersive, seamless, innovative, and real-time support for customers to access services, make their pension requests and receive updates, all on the go.

Speaking on the innovation, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Leadway Pensure, Lanre Idris, said that the introduction of L.I.S.A. reflects the organisation’s commitment to serving its customers exceptionally, leveraging disruptive and technology-enabled innovations for seamless, exceptional service delivery.

He stated: “With L.I.S.A., all the assistance our customers need, from pension updates, balance check-ups, the status of benefit payment, and changes in details, can be accessed from a hand-held device at any time, from any location. With this, customers no longer need to worry about waiting in the queue, getting stuck in transit, being held up at a contact centre, or putting a halt to their daily activity to access our wide range of services”.