Qatar World Cup

December 19, 2022

5 best Peter Drury quotes from Qatar 2022 World Cup

By Efosa Taiwo

It is almost impossible to talk about football commentary today, and leave out the magic Peter Drury brings to the beautiful game with his poetic wordings.

Famous for his Tshabalala commentary in the World Cup in 2010 to Roma’s epic comeback against Barcelona in Rome in 2018 to many other enthralling football matches, Drury, once again, wrote his name on the global stage of football as he delighted fans in Qatar and around the world to his mind-blowing strings of words that capture fascinatingly and memorably actions and moments on the pitch of play.

As opined by many football fans, the English commentator has revived the luster of football commentary, and the Qatar World Cup will forever remember him as one of the headliners of the tournament.

Here are five best quotes from the commentaries run by Drury in Qatar:

“Messi’s head ooooh! That’s what they came for, the magic man! One more Messi moment and Argentina are alive” – Messi’s goal against Mexico in the Group Stage

“Ooooooh! Cameroon! From Douala on the Gulf of Guinea. To Maroua and its Northern most tip. Points between and beyond. Rise and celebrate, a moment” – Vincent Aboubakar’s goal against Brazil

“Captain fantastic Kalidou Koulibally, the perfect response from Senegal, and the Terranga Lions roared back into second place in Group B” – Kalidou Koulibally’s goal against Ecuador.

“Moroccan mayhem. Drink it in, Casablanca, Relish it, Rabat! This is your night!” – Zakaria Aboukhla’s goal against Belgium

“Lionel Messi has conquered his final peak. Lionel Messi has shaken hands with paradise” – After Argentina defeated France 4-2 on penalties.