Qatar World Cup

November 29, 2022

World Cup: LGBTQ campaigner says invading pitch is no crime

By Seyifunmi Awobiyi

Mario Ferri, the Italian who ran onto the World Cup pitch wearing a T-shirt in support of Ukraine and Iranian women has said that invading the pitch was no offence as he did it for a ‘good cause’.

Ferri, who calls himself “The Falcon”, was arrested for carrying a rainbow flag onto the pitch to protest against Qatar rules against the LGBTQ community.

The 35-year-old has, however, been released from police custody with no consequences attached.

Ferri actually protested for three things simultaneously.

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On the front of his T-shirt “save Ukraine” was embedded on it and at the back of the same shirt “respect for Iranian Women” was written. Lastly, he was holding a rainbow flag that represented LGBTQ.

Defending his action after his release, Ferri wrote on Instagram, “Breaking the rules if it’s done for a good cause is never a crime.”