November 1, 2022

We have more positive feedback than negative – Founder, Betfuse

Every sports prediction company has its challenges and Betfuse, founded by Abayomi Opeyemi Isaac is no different, as he opens up on the challenges of running the business, highlighting some of their high and low moments.

According to him, there are positive and negative feedbacks, but added there are more positive than negative.

“The positive and negative feedback is about people who have won through our platform and also people who have lost as well, but to be honest with you, our positive feedback has always been higher than the negative with over 90% winning rate,” he said.

The company’s Instagram page is replete with positive reviews from users of their platform, expressing their excitement for winning hugely through the prediction ability of Betfuse.

“Our best experience comes from the acknowledgment we have received so far, trying to be the best at what we do. Our worst experience comes from the ordeal of letting the audience know the workability of sport prediction, that there is no 100% guarantee on any prediction because it is a game. But as a sport prediction company we are always as close as possible and we have many winning testimonials to prove it,” Abayomi Opeyemi Isaac explained.

Abayomi Opeyemi Isaac said his love for sports and football games made him found Betfuse four years ago, adding that while they may not be the best out there, they have a remarkable track record supported by many testimonials.