Hi, ever wondered why the guy next door has all the girls swooning and even fighting to give him a piece of the action while you are getting none? Well, perhaps there are a few things you are not doing right. Getting snug with your girl may not be all that difficult if you follow the few tips below.

Cultivate a good personal hygiene

If any relationship is going to take place, the first probable contact is eye contact. The general perception that only men get turned on by what they see is not totally true. Women too are attracted to what they see. If a man wants to win the attention of a woman, there is a need for him to focus on his appearance.

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Personal hygiene and mode of dressing are very important in turning a woman on and getting her under the sheets with you. Pay attention to yourself. Women love men with good physiques the same way men love women with great curves. Though you don’t need to cultivate a six pack, a good exercise regimen will keep you in good shape. Remember that a perfect body shape or height is not what is important here, but how healthy and well kept you appear.

Wear clean, smart clothes. This does not mean that you must wear a suit at all times. Wear clothes that fit and you are comfortable in. Well groomed hair is a must. To up your game, you may create your own signature hair style at the Barber’s. If you’ve had a long day, spare time to shower as nothing attracts a woman more than a good smell.

Choose a masculine, yet not too loud fragrance that meshes with your natural scent. Never put your cologne on too heavy, apply it on the sensitive parts of your body such as behind the neck and the ears. It makes the smell more nice and even.

A sense of humour will earn you points

While the importance of communication cannot be over emphasised as a recipe for a good relationship, a man must learn to use the right words at the appropriate times if he wants to get the desired effect.

Learn to make good, intelligent conversations. Women love a man who knows about the world and its affairs, and is sharp. So, you need to read widely and be abreast with current issues. To be a good lover, you need to also be a good listener.

Pay attention to what she says. Learn to make your woman laugh. A great sense of humour may sometimes rank way above a six-figure income or abs of steel. It is not for no reason that funny and humorous men are popular with the ladies. There are few things sexier than a guy with razor sharp wit that knows how to use it.

Women love men who are secure enough to make a fool of themselves sometimes, just to make them laugh. After all, you are not in a public place and no one is likely to hold it against you.

However, stay clear off rude or crude jokes that will put her off or on her guard. Humor is appreciated, crassness is not, ditto comments or gestures. The more relaxed a woman is when in your company, the sexier she will feel, which is a good sign you are horning home.

Sexting to the rescue

If the intention is to touch base, negotiation does not start at the venue. Make use of the vast opportunities offered by the internet and social media platforms. Almost everyone is on at least one of them.

Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with them. Send messages that tell her exactly what you intend to do to her when you finally get together. Give her a call and talk sexy, talk dirty, if you have the chance and are bold enough. Not everyone is so gifted, so limit it to what you are comfortable with. You can up your game in this area again by adding a personal touch to your message once a while.

Though it might cost you a few thousand Nairas but it will place you on the right track to coasting home. Send a very sexy message in your own handwriting and get a courier service or delivery boy to hand it over personally to her. By the time you finally meet up, she’ll probably be swooning all over you.

Be a knight in shining armour

A woman will never turn down a man who treats her right. We all love to have a knight in shining armour in our lives. Be that man and treat your woman like a princess. Chivalry can never be overrated, it means you are a complete gentleman. Women love men who treat them with respect and dignity.

Shower your woman with romance by buying flowers, compliment her by telling her how beautiful and sexy she looks. Plan dinners and get-away weekends for two. Hold the door open for her, help her into and out of her chair, be polite but confident.

If you have read Fifty Shades of Gray, you’ll have an idea of what the perfect gentleman is like. Be careful not to go overboard, or lose your own opinions and ideas and become a pushover. Remember that women also love manly men. Learning the art of chivalry alone can take you deep into a girl’s heart.

Be a good kisser

Learn the art of kissing and become that very sensuous, irresistible man. Kissing is perhaps the first sexual contact between partners and if you don’t hit it off at the first instant, you might miss the opportunity to explore the relationship any further.

A man that can make a woman melt with a kiss is a huge turn-on and, quite frankly, women just love a good kisser. A recent study found that something in men’s saliva temporarily elevates testosterone levels in women.

So kick it seven-minutes-in-heaven style and do nothing but make out until she’s begging you for more.

Make the sex good

A few decades ago, the psychology behind having sex was somehow lopsided in favour of the men. It was a testimony of achievement or victory over the woman, more so because the pleasure, evident by ejaculation, was peculiar to the men only.

Today, sex is no longer shrouded in such mystery and with sexual independence and feminism, sex can now be freely enjoyed by both partners. A man who wants to ensure that he gains access as many times as he requests will make good use of the opportunity. Sex is an art that needs constant exploring if you want to give optimum pleasure.

Learn a few tricks and be prepared to try it out as often as you can. Be aware of what your lady likes in bed and the unique things you can do to please her. Never rush into the act of penetration. For most guys, it’s all about driving the car into the garage but women love a long drive first. So be patient.

Do have a great weekend!!


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