November 14, 2022

Bella’s birthday message to Sheggz excites fans

Bella’s birthday message to Sheggz excites fans
By Ada Osadebe

Big Brother Naija housemate, Chidimma Esther Okagbue, popularly known has Bella, has stirred some reactions on social media after she poured out her heart to her boyfriend, Sheggz at his birthday party.

Recall that Segun Olusemo, better known as Sheggz or Mr. Ikoyi, turned 27 on November 13.

In the viral video, Bella and Sheggz were seen sitting together, while she praised him for being a loving and caring person.

She further appreciated him for all he has done for her, adding that she had never felt this loved by anyone in her life.

She stated that though he might be misunderstood by the world, she understands him and that’s all that matters.

She said: “Thanks for all that you do. Thanks for being a lovely person. I have never felt loved like this in my life.

“I have never met someone as genuine as you. You are so loving and caring. Thank you for everything.

“The world might misunderstand you, but I understand you and that’s all that matters.”

Her statement stirred mixed reactions online, as some Nigerians claimed that he was only putting on an act, while other claimed he deserved to be loved regardless of what had happened in the past.

nnediorazu_ said: “He is human. She is human. They are growing and learning. They deserve a chance to change. Just wish them well and let them enjoy their moments.

“Some keypad advisers here have worst partners yet they still live with them. Na love dem love dem no kill person.”

adaokafoe said: “Narcissist men show the best form of love. This is one of their weapons to cage you down.
“This is why they are narcissist. They will love bomb you, make you feel loved in a special way so you can be tied to them.

“Don’t worry, you are still a baby in this game. You will testify differently soon, except he changes. But narcissist don’t change.

moremiutensils said: “Hmmmmm… we have so many bitter frustrated damaged ladies and women on the internet…
“God heal their souls… let them experience real love …so that they won’t project their frustration and bitterness on others…
“Love is a beautiful thing…let them experience genuine love…”