Adedayo Omolade Falusi, the Chief Executive Officer of My IVAV Farmstead, a major player in Nigeria’s agricultural value chain located in Ondo State, has revealed the drive behind his decision to go into the business.

As lucrative as farming is, it is usually not the spec of a lot of young adults, who would prefer to invest in other businesses that appear to be more fanciful and bring immediate returns, rather than having to wait until a whole farming circle is completed to begin to cash-out.

But for the My IVAV Farmstead boss, who is also the founder of Adedayo Omolade Foundation (FAO) Foundation, passion has always been the drive behind everything he does. 

Explaining his decision to invest in agriculture, which a lot more than a number of businesses requires more capital,  Adedayo Falusi said he fell in love with agriculture since his childhood through his parents.

“People often ask me why I chose to go into agriculture and I often tell them I fell in love with agriculture many years back when my parents had a farm, and as I grew, the passion grew with me, and I started by having a modest farm at our backyard”, Adedayo Falusi stated.

Adedayo Falusi, who also said that, “understanding the effect of project management, knowing why businesses fail, as well as offer success tips for entrepreneurs, averred that the Nigerian government has a big role to play in encouraging citizens to ho into agriculture.

“Availability of funds and ease of accessibility will go a long way; secondly, controlling the unnecessary increase in prices of raw materials will also help a lot. Most importantly, farmers need land for farming, this should be looked into and made very accessible”, Adedayo Falusi stressed.

Described as a charitable entrepreneur, who caters to the needs of women and vulnerable young ladies in the society, Adedayo Omolade Falusi stated that his My IVAV Farmstead is a “contemporary livestock farm”. He revealed how his business is planning to add more value to the agricultural process in the country through the business-to-business mechanism.

“Now businesses such as restaurants, livestock resellers, caterers and other food-related business can register with us to get livestock on credit,” said Adedayo Falusi

Adedayo Falusi added that, “the poultry runs on a complete cycle of five months and 18% return while the piggery investment runs for 11 months and 38% return on investment (ROI).”

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