October 17, 2022

Nigeria has failed; I’ll change narrative in 2023 — Peter Obi

Peter Obi


By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo 

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) and former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi has said that when a country is no longer in control of the economy and security, such country is nothing but a failed State.

He assured the North that he will positively change the narrative if elected president in 2023.

 Obi spoke at an interactive session organized by the Arewa Joint Committee at the Arewa House Kaduna on Monday.

The committee comprises the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Northern Elders For (NEF), Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation (SABMF), Jamiyyar Matan Arewa (JMA) Arewa House (Center for Historical Development and Research) and Arewa Research Development Project (ARDP).

According to the former Anambra State Governor,  “Nigeria is not bereft of ideas but institutional weakness and lack of political will to effect genuine change that will better the lives of average Nigerians,.:

He said that he was committed to unlocking the greatness of the country and lifting her from a consuming country to a producing one.

“Insecurity will be a thing of the past when I  get elected as president through the creation of employment opportunities for youths who are tools used to perpetrate social vices,” he said.

” Once jobs are created and the youths are gainfully engaged and made productive, insecurity would have been reduced to the barest minimum and will no longer be a lucrative business,. The security agencies will be adequately equipped to handle all forms of insecurity in the country.”

“We want to bring a transformative government. The greatest assets of Nigeria are in the north, the greatest assets of Nigeria are vast uncultivated land in the north but this land has been taken by bandits. We are going to unlock Nigeria”.

“We will bring Nigeria back to life. All banks will be shareholders in Bank Of Agriculture where our farmers can directly assess loans”.

“I promised to eradicate poverty in Nigeria, When you pull people out of poverty, the rate of crime in the country will reduce My candidature is for a new Nigeria I want Nigerians to be proud of their country.”

He said he will fight corruption to a standstill.

” Fighting corruption is easy when one is not stealing. Our past is gone, we are going to face the future. Fighting corruption is easy when one is not stealing, our money is being stolen, the subsidy is organized crime.”

“I want to give Nigerians hope. I and my running mate will be in charge, they will not find us wanting, we have the physical strength, I will dialogue with every agitator because it will make us a better and united Nigeria”.

“I promise to invest more in women, women are very industrious and dedicated and committed when given responsibility,. Nigerians  should  vote for a character and capacity they can trust, I am  that candidate that can be trusted.”

Earlier, Mr Peter Obi denied ever asking Northerners to obtain ID cards when he was Governor of Anambra State. 

Governor Nasir El-Rufai had joked that could arrest and detain Peter Obi, over what took place in Anambra when Obi was Governor. 

El-Rufai alleged that Obi as Governor got him arrested and detained when he visited Anambra to monitor the state’s governorship election in 2013.

 El-Rufai said that he could get Obi arrested and detained for what happened in 2023.

“In 2013, I went to Anambra State as an official of the APC, to witness the by-election for the governorship Your next guest, Peter Obi, as governor got me arrested and detained for 48 hours in my hotel room.”

“He’s coming to Kaduna. In addition to the police and the SSS, I have one Mechanized division of the Nigerian Army here if I need to arrest and detain anyone But we are northerners, we are civilized. We don’t do things like that. I wish you all a safe journey back to your destinations,” El-Rufai said.

While addressing the gathering, Peter Obi said ” what His Excellency, Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai said about me has been brought to my attention. I believe that as we grow older and are saddled with more responsibilities, we are expected to become circumspect in our thinking and avoid recklessness in our speeches and utterances.

“How does the circumstance he referred to related to bigotry warrant such a label?

“All I do for people like El-Rufa’i is to pray for them and encourage them to concentrate on doing those things that will better the lots of Nigerians rather than engage in hate speeches that will divide “