September 29, 2022

Prototype electric aeroplane takes first flight

Prototype electric aeroplane takes first flight
By Biodun Busari

A model of the all-electric aeroplane took its first flight Tuesday morning in Washington State, United States, according to The Seattle Times.

It would be the first all-electric commercial aeroplane to carry passengers if the US Federal Aviation Administration certifies it.

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The aircraft was constructed by startup Eviation, to convey nine passengers and two pilots when it took off from Moses Lake, Washington at 7:10 am and landed eight minutes later.

According to the report, the company’s goal was to display that such electric aeroplanes are as sustainable as passenger aircraft flying at an altitude of about 15,000 feet.

The plane was designed by American and Israeli engineers and powered by 21,500 small Tesla0style battery cells.

The aviation and aeronautical experts, however, said that the greatest challenge to electric aviation becoming a reality in passenger aircraft is the battery.

“The stumbling block is the battery technology just like with cars, but more so in aeroplanes. This is because, with aeroplanes, the concern is the weight,” the CEO, Aero Consulting Experts, Ross Aimer disclosed.

“As soon as we have better battery technology, which I suspect will be in two or three years, that’s when all these electric aeroplanes will eventually come.”