September 4, 2022

How biometric security tech is future of data security — Expert

How biometric security tech is future of data security — Expert

By Ezra Ukanwa

A United Nations United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, Laureate, Sir Bashiru Aremu, has said Biometric Security Technology is an untapped digital tool to ensure critical data, and other relevant documents in companies are safeguarded.

He said that the biometric technology could restrict employees from accessing sensitive files, thereby ensuring that workflow processes are followed to the letter.

In a statement in Abuja, after an International Conference of Institution of Engineers in India, he said technology is fast gaining momentum and integration into all aspect of modern life, adding that it has become even more difficult to safeguard confidential information

His words: “Biometric security is mainly implemented in environments with critical physical security requirements or that are highly prone to identity theft.

“Biometric security-based systems or engines store human body characteristics that do not change over an individual’s lifetime. These include fingerprints, eye texture, voice, hand patterns and facial recognition.

“An individual’s body characteristics are pre-stored in a biometric security system or scanner, which may be accessed by authorized personnel. When an individual walks into a facility or tries to gain access to a system, the biometric scanner evaluates his/her physical characteristics, which are matched with stored records. If a match is located, the individual is granted access.

“Nowadays Technology is integrated into just about every aspect of modern life – and with the ever-increasing digitization of our world, it has become more difficult to safeguard confidential information.

“Keys and passwords are no longer sufficient data security measures. Passwords, in fact, pose a huge vulnerability in a company’s security system due to their share ability and ease of cracking.

“With the abundance of and network security breaches and the rise of identity theft, it is clear that stronger authentication methods are necessary. One such method is biometric security systems.

“More and more companies are recognizing the benefits that biometric security devices can bring – not just in securing physical environments but also computers and business assets.

“In corporate buildings, it is crucial that unauthorized people are restricted from accessing secure networks and systems. Furthermore, due to compliance regulations, it must be ensured that only

“Companies that use biometric security systems can benefit from extreme accuracy and unparalleled security of restricted information. Fingerprints, retinal scans, and iris patterns, when captured correctly, produce totally unique data sets.

“When an employee or a user is enrolled in a biometric security system, automatic identification can be performed uniformly, quickly, and with only minimal training.

“We strongly believe that biometrics are the future of e-security systems – and the proof is in the pudding: more institutions are embracing biometrics by the day. Even the Windows 10 OS has incorporated a biometric security platform.

“Biometrics are also used in stadiums, airports, and banks across the world. Government agencies and law enforcement have also migrated to biometric systems – therefore, it is very likely that even more organizations will follow suit in the near future.

“While biometric security systems are not fool-proof, they are still faster, more cost-efficient (in the long run), and more accurate than traditional security methods.”