September 12, 2022

HDT drops No Days Off EP

HDT drops No Days Off EP

Fast rising Nigerian artiste, Humble DJ Tochyce better known as HDT has dropped his latest music project; an Extended Play Titled No Days Off.

In this interview with Vanguard, HDT shed more light on his four tracks EP, his favourite song and inspiration behind the project.


How did you come up with the stage name, HDT? And what’s the meaning?

Well, the name HDT was made up from my nickname which means Humble DJ Tochyce. So, HDT is my stage name which I started using because I started up as a DJ. When I started doing music I decided to be consistent with the name also.

You are currently about dropping your new EP, what’s the title and inspiration behind it?

The EP is titled ‘No Days Off’, and the inspiration behind it is keep pushing, whatever you’re doing keep pushing ‘No Days Off’, we’ll get there .

How many tracks EP? And titles of songs on it?

The EP consists of 4 tracks namely: Liquor, December, ShaMaLay, Selense.

Which of them is your favourite and why?

Well my favourite track is December and the reason is because I want everything good I wish for to happen before December. My house, big money and big cars, I am expecting all before December (Laughs)

Did you do any collaboration, if yes, why?

Yes, I featured some upcoming artistes in the streets because I want all of us to grow up together because we’re helping ourselves. I want us all to be at the top.

Davido, Wizkid and Burnaboy which of them would you love to do a song with? And why?

Well they’re all my favourites and I’ll love to work with them all. Each of them carry a different vibe and entertain so I’ll want to tap from their energy.

Tell us more about yourself and growing up days?

Well I grew up in Ajegunle, before I moved to Omo where I started my Dj career. Before I got to this position I am, growing up wasn’t easy because there was no one supporting me at all and it’s just been God all through.

How do you get into the music industry?

Well, I’ve been a music lover before I ventured into Djing, then I realized that I could do music. I started after I dropped my first song Kowope featuring Zlatan, so since then I’ve not looked back

After the EP, what next for HDT?

Well after the EP, I have more songs in my vault, dropping videos and going on tours that’s what next for HDT and you all should watch out.