Assures to leave legacy of deep impact for successor

By Chioma Onuegbu, Uyo

AS Nigeria prepares for the 2023 general elections, governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has advised the citizens to eschew bitterness by not allowing politics break the cord of unity or divide them.

Emmanuel who gave the advice on Friday in his state-wide broadcast on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the state’s creation themed: “Moving Forward’, thanked Akwa Ibom people deeply for their support, constructive engagements, and understating in the course of the almost eight years of his administration.

His words: “As we get ready for the electioneering campaigns, I want to urge our resourceful youths to resist any attempt by any individual to use them as instruments to foment trouble, to cause harm to your brothers and sisters.

“We have enjoyed peace in this state, we must resist the urge by certain individuals who, motivated by power want to turn this state into a cauldron of violence. As I have always said, politics should not break the cords of our unity, politics should not be used as an instrument to divide us.

“Politics should rather be played without bitterness, without casting aspersions on one‟s opponent‟s character, politics should respect some lines, lines of decency and respect for our common humanity.

“Akwa Ibom people are not known for violence, we are known for our even temperedness, we are known for our civility, our sense of comportment, our Godly tendencies, our deep devotion to family. We must resist those who want to alter our identity for narrow political interest.

“We have to safeguard what we have already achieved, we cannot put at risk what we have; Our state is moving forward. The future is assured. We cannot gamble these achievements away. Our determination to move Akwa Ibom State continually forward lies in our hands and I sincerely believe that Together, we can”.

The governor in a 83 paragraph broadcast speech outlined all the achievements of his administration, across all the sectors and subsectors of the State’s economy including Aviation, Health and Road infrastructure.

He, however noted that it was the choice of the people to make if they would want to return the state to the dark years of insecurity, of brigandage, of kidnapping, of intolerance of differing opinion; of leadership that equates self to God.

“Leadership is not a product of entitlement, leadership is not a- do or die affair, leadership is not based on the notion, this is my turn‟ and if I don‟t get it, the house must burn.

“Leadership is not about promising to unleash violence on your brothers and sister or your parents, and encouraging people to go on the social media to threaten mayhem if you don‟t get your wish. Leadership is given by God because He alone knows the heart and what‟s good for the people” he stated.

Continuing, the governor recalled that, in the course of his campaigns both in 2015 and 2019 he made key campaign promises, stressing, “Without sounding boastful, I would say that when the verdict shall be rendered, it would be: Legacy of Impact Promises made and Promises kept.

“The legacy we have established and will leave in the hands of my Successor will be one of deep impact. There is no Akwaibomite of goodwill who would, in his or her true conscience, say we have not done well.

“Our youths have decided to protect the identity and soul of the state by maintaining the peace. The Ministry of Economic Development is hereby directed to create a department we can further assist our youths to realize their potentials.

“When you have people who say we should share the allocations we receive among certain interests groups and not invest or to embark on capital projects such as power, education, aviation development, or that the road network which all can see, are non-existent;

” That even the Ibom Air that brings them to Uyo and other parts of the country does not exist you begin to wonder why people should be playing politics with development.

” But posterity will judge us fairly, because we did the best we could for our people, we invested our resources in areas that will usher us into the true Land of Promise and prosperity. On this, I have no apologies or regrets towards these developments”

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