September 11, 2022

2023 election is choice between freedom, doom — Atiku



John Alechenu, Abuja

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has said the 2023 general elections isn’t  just an election, but a choice between freedom from the clutches of the All Progressives Congress, or certain doom for Nigeria in their hands.

He noted that the countdown to the general campaign is drawing closer hence the need for Nigerians to be reminded of what lays ahead.

Atiku said this in a personalized letter to Nigerians on Sunday.

He explained that since the clock for the take off of the campaigns will soon begin to tick, “It is very important that we use the remaining days to organize our base and establish our strength in all the 176,846 polling units across the country.

“I know that it is not an easy task. But it will be more worrisome to allow the APC remain in office one more day after May 29.

“The election that is ahead of us is a choice between the certainty of a better Nigeria and a promise of failures by the APC.

“It’s a choice between freedom and doom. And I trust that you will do your all in ensuring that Nigeria is free from socio-economic hardship.

“Recruit your friends as canvassers at the polling units and let’s join hands to salvage the country. As one, we can get it done.”

In a separate statement on the ongoing flooding in some states of the federation, Atiku urged government to initiate a compre  humanitarian assistance for flood victims.

He note that Climate change is real. The PDP standard bearer said, “The flooding that has followed torrential downpours in towns and villages in Nigeria – like other places around the globe, confirms this.

“The damage that has been occasioned on account of the floods are troubling. Public social facilities like schools and hospitals have been impacted.

“It may be safe to say, however, that no one carries the burden of these floods like our farmers.

“Media reports abound of swathes of farmlands and food crops being washed away.

“The consequence of these losses by our farmers will be felt by all of us. Any hope of a bumper harvest is now diminished.   

“This will further add to misery in our towns and villages and in our cities as food prices continue to  soar.”

Atiku further said, “I share in the pains of the victims of these flooding incidents, including communities that their local healthcare centers, markets and schools have been destroyed. Or, even individuals who have been displaced. I also condole with those who have lost their loved ones.

“Therefore,  I urge  governments at all levels to unveil a special humanitarian assistance programme to provide immediate succour to the affected communities.

“These unfortunate incidents  should be a wake up call to the urgency of our responsiveness to the issues of climate change and global warming.

“It is a clarion call that non-governmental organizations must equally harken to and place the focus of their advocacy on sensitizing the vulnerable public on how to manage and mitigate disasters of global warming.”