September 26, 2022

2023: ‘Atiku is the president Nigeria needs,

2023: ‘Atiku is the president Nigeria needs,

In one of his newsletters, Atiku Abubakar made a clear statement on what exactly the 2023 presidential election is about.

“The 2023 election is neither about me not any of the other candidates we are contesting with– or their agents,” the message in the newsletter reads in part, adding that “It is about the pathway that our dear country, Nigeria, must chart into a brighter and more prosperous future.”

To be candid, Atiku’s message was right. The 2023 presidential election is not just the usual election, but a chance to undo the errors of the past and chart a brighter and more prosperous future. As we all know, Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of resources, but the problem with the country, however, is having a leadership that can put them to benefit all.

I have been greatly impressed by how Atiku has shown interest in correcting this deficiency. Atiku’s practical and detailed plans on confronting the many challenges facing the country project a man who has a great understanding of the demand for leadership and can make a difference for Nigerians.

At this most perilous moment in Nigeria’s history, I find Atiku as the right man to lead the country. There has never been a candidate more qualified for our nation’s highest office than Atiku. He has proven time and time again that his competence and capability to turn a hopeless situation around can not be underestimated.

As Vice President between 1999 and 2007, Atiku played a crucial role in upturning the damages of the military regimes on the country, accomplishing a lot, some of which include overseeing the process that paved the way for the liberalization of the telecommunication sector. During that time, Atiku gained wide experience– many of which would come in handy in the job of fixing Nigeria.

Atiku’s vision for building an economy that is strong and not reliant on oil derivation makes so much sense. Not only does Atiku have a plan to encourage active participation of the private sector in the growth of Nigeria’s economy, but he also has a plan to make sure it produced the trickle-down benefits enjoyed in many other parts of the world which does the same.

And assuring about Atiku is the fact that his ideas for Nigeria are not made in vague terms or failed promises, rather they are what has worked elsewhere and can work here too. His policy document in circulation showed he listens to the issues facing every average Nigerian and is ready to do something about them.

Atiku has promised a real effort to unite the country– the kind that will ensure “all Nigerians are equal and should be seen and treated equally.” This is reflected in his campaign theme of “ONE COUNTRY”, a clear commitment to bringing everyone together as ‘ONE PEOPLE’, making it impossible for the proponent of division to make any headway.

This is not just some campaign rhetoric– this is who Atiku is. This is more reason why Atiku is seen as a unifier. He has done it right in his home and can do it for Nigeria. The incentive for a united Nigeria is peace and stability, which are the core ingredients for the development and growth of any nation. The APC has mismanaged our diversity and Atiku is capable of keeping the country as one.

More is the promise of drafting as many as 40 percent of young people into his cabinet, providing them the needed exposure and experience in governance to take over from him. This will be a major shift in the country’s governance template, and one in the right direction, because for the very first time, we will have a president who truly understands the value of young people and does not only believe they are leaders of today but prepared to make it so.

With Atiku in the Aso Rock, we won’t have to wake up every morning worrying about policy inconsistencies and the attendant impact on our lives, nor will we have the fear that he will make decisions based on sentiments. Having Atiku as president will be having a man that knows the problem and has the right plans to address it. Nigeria will be a better place with Atiku as president.

Oke Umurhohwo, national leader of Atikowa Movement 2023, writes from Ughelli, Delta State