2023 Presidency: Who leads battle against APC?

Basil Okoh

The Okowa faction of the PDP in Delta State is working so very hard to tam down on the schism in the party as the nation revs up to the 2023 elections. PDP state chairman Barrister Kingsley Esiso declares there’s no division in the party but the two factions are throwing bricks at each other and are in appellate court asking the judges to declare a winner who will take the governorship seat and everything else.

As predicted by this writer a day after the PDP governorship screening exercise for South-South states in Port Harcourt, Okowa bought a lemon, unending trouble, in Sherriff Oborevwori and trouble and litigations will not leave PDP Delta until Sherriff is taken out of the governorship race.

Okowa’s faction of the PDP in Delta State having been caught with “dagbo” credentials for Sherriff, are doubling down at the Court of Appeal on what is evidently a case of forgery and criminal impersonation with a crooked determination to make the Appeal Court turn black to white.

Okowa is seducing the Ibori faction with his “PDP family” mantra to become complacent while doing everything behind them to plunge the dagger into their backsides. Barrister Esisowho Okowa’s protégé and minion declares that PDP is one family but the PDP that he controls refuses to obey court order on the dispute and is going ahead to establish campaign structures with no consideration for the Ibori faction.

Okowa is playing the game he knows best; dissembling and deception, while seductively running rings around his opponents. He showers you with gifts and pretended good faith to render you unprepared for the dagger he will plunge into your heart later.

It should be evident that Okowa and Esiso are preaching the gospel of a united PDP family in Delta State to achieve one purpose only: to enable Okowa to present a united PDP in Delta State and win the first balloting in 2023 which is the Presidential election, where he is in the ticket with Atiku Abubakar.

The Ibori faction will be foolish not to understand Okowa’sgambit and their political response should be to force Okowa to stand down as Sherriff for David Edevbie in order to win the support of PDP Delta, Ibori Group, for his Vice Presidential election.

Okowa’s social media rats are sending out posts and social media screamers to say that he has no quarrel with James Iborior anybody else. It’s all seduction, a ruse, and political deflection to enable him to win the presidency. We all know that Okowa is stealthily waiting to ascend the vice presidential office to unleash revenge and his infamous vendetta on James Ibori and members of his faction.

The heart of this matter which the Okowa faction will have to accept in the end is that Sherriff Oborevwori can never be governor of Delta State on the basis of the certificates he presented in Port Harcourt and which are presently in the custody of the courts. It will not happen that all the judges of the appellate courts up to the supreme court will be compromised and look the other way to accept what is manifestly wrong and egregiously violate the laws of Nigeria and offend decency.

Even when Okowa’s faction succeeds in court as his supporters boast, the people of Delta will rise up as one to reject the insult of Okowa and Sherriff and choose the candidate of the APC, Obarisi OvieOmo-Agege even over David Edevbie or any other PDP candidate to bring Delta back to political reckoning. The PDP is in a no-win situation on this matter and the earlier it realizes this the better chance it has at mending fences with David Edevbie.

But we all know Okowa’s “my way or no way” determination which has led him to spend billions of our common patrimony to make Sherriff win the primaries and end up in this Cul de sac. He is now so consumed by the shame of defeat to let go and end the political disruptions he has caused Delta state.

Basil Okoh, a public affairs commentator, writes from Agbor.

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