By Prince Osuagwu

The talk of smart city is an ongoing one across the major cities in Nigeria. It is one of those areas 5G technology which licensees, MTN Nigeria and MAFAB Communications may soon launch in Nigeria will benefit.

However, a smart city cannot function in the current traffic setting seen in many cities in Nigeria, particularly Lagos. Something has to be done.

That is exactly the problem a multinational provider of information technology and product engineering services, Oaperg said it has come to solve with Advanced Automatic Traffic System, AATS in the country.

The company has just unveiled plans to use the new AATS to monitor traffic on Nigerian roads. The technology has the capability of effectively monitoring one lane just as it can monitor as many as four lanes of traffic at any given time.

The Business Processing Outsourcing, BPO start-up said after a successful first year in Nigerian business ecosystem, it is moving gears into one of its models of creating progressive, sophisticated products.

The company’s Spokesperson, Claire Nwachukwu said the company discovered that traditional sensor-based counting and classification systems have been plagued by issues such as portability, accuracy, and availability of audit evidence, and has designed the AATS system to address them.

She said vehicle counting, registration, classification, and more are all handled by AATS, video-based Intelligent Transport System, ITS operating around the clock.

She said: “Oaperg’s AATS AI-based system classifies a vehicle into nine different groups. For each tallied and categorized car, the system takes a picture to verify its existence, making for reliable statistics and reports.

“As a result of the AATS’s tamper-proof design, no one can alter, delete, or add to the data collected.

“The trafûc and transportation infrastructure markets are revamping and expected to change signiûcantly in the next few years. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition, ANPR system is able to take a picture, extract the information on the license plate, and calculate the average speed of that vehicle and even more”

She added that when it comes to automating business processes and making informed decisions, AATS system is a better choice to help this industry, adding that Oaperg’s AATS can be installed on any state highway worldwide.

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