By Biodun Busari

The United States of America-based self-determination movement, the United Indigenous People of African Foundation, has called on the governors in the south and middle-belt regions of Nigeria to invoke the Doctrine of Necessity and the provisions of Chapter VII, article 51 of the United Nations Charter on Self-Defense.

The group comprises Oodua People’s Sovereign Movement (OPSOM), Ohaneze Youth Council, Freedom From Nigeria (FFN), Conscience of Niger/Delta Forum (CONDEF), Middle-Belt Patriotic Front, Concerned Indigenous Nigerians in Georgia, and the United Middle-Belt and Igbo National Council (INC).

The UNIPA Foundation said the provision allows them to buy arms for their respective regional security outfits, including training and re-training of local vigilantes and hunters in their domains so as to safeguard their people.

It also commended the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom for what it described as a “bold step taken to confront a state of terror” to arm the State Security Outfit, known as Community Volunteer Guards, calling on other governors in the South and Middle-Belt regions to establish their state security outfits backed by laws for state and self-defence.

The group disclosed this in a press release by its spokesperson, Joseph Ekwo made available by Maxwell Adeyemi who is also the communications director of the Ilana Omo Oodua.

The statement partly reads, “We have watched in aghast as Nigeria is currently drifting into a state of terror. The common people are no longer safe anywhere. People are kidnapped from their bedrooms, places of worship, farms, highways, etc. The ruling elites with bulletproof cars and jackets are kidnapped for ransom on daily basis.

“Benue State, known as Food Basket of the Nation is now the capital of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria with 27 IDP camps and almost two million IDPs with no thanks to the activities of marauding Fulani Terrorists.

“We are suggesting to the Governors in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria to domesticate their resources and stop funding the Civil Defense, Police and Military Armed Forces that do not take instructions from them.

“The billions of naira Governors spend monthly to purchase arms, utility vehicles and other security gadgets for central-controlled security formations should be diverted to the funding of Amotekun and other passionate local vigilantes and hunter groups who should be subjected to periodic trainings and re-trainings.

“We also urge the Governors in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria to domesticate laws that would officially declare any herdsmen found with AK47 guns as Terrorists. We are calling on them to form Armed Farming Guards to protect farmers and their farms from attacks by Fulani Herdsmen and other aggressors whose intent appears to be disrupting the food supply to achieve mass starvation of the indigenous people.

“Governors should also make provisions for all people who have been displaced from their land, lost their farms or their homes and ask the Nigerian government to adequately compensate them for their human and economic losses. The condition of those still in IDP camps must be significantly improved to make their temporary abodes habitable, provide adequate food, clean water, schools for the young, and law and order to protect the vulnerable.

“As a matter of urgent importance, Governors in the South and Middle-belt of Nigeria should mobilize the national assembly members in their territory to ensure that the State Indigene Bill that some Representatives of Fulani background want to pass in the National Assembly of Nigeria which enables non-indigene to become indigenes of where they reside after five years of residence is foiled and rejected.

“The bill, if allowed to be passed into law, will formalize the complete overtaken of all the land in the south and middle-belt of Nigeria by a group that already boasted that all the land in Yoruba land belongs to their great-grand fathers. Being indigenes, they could become kings and kingmakers in the South and Middle-Belt lands. It is basically an extension of the land-grabbing agenda of the Nigerian Government after failing to foist RUGA on the indigenous people.

“Lastly, without prejudice to the rights to association of everyone, we state without any fear or favour or intimidation that the culture of installing Sarkin or Seriki Fulani in the South and Middle-Belt regions of Nigeria should be abolished by Governors from these zones. All these positions are not religious but traditional leadership positions, therefore, imposing these foreign “leaders” on the traditions of the Middle Belt to South appears to be an act of conquest.”

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