One of the scourges the world is still confronted with in the 21st century is the myth and unfounded belief held by some species of the human race that they are better than people of colour or of a particular race or creed.

This major social problem plaguing the world has crept into all facets of human interactions, and none is left. Mostly on the receiving end is black people who are treated as inferior by other people, particularly in the so-called free, western societies, simply because of their skin colour.

Through it all, Nigerians, like US-based model and actor, Babalola Otitoju Joseph, who is fondly known as Joseph Water, are turning their inner strength and will to succeed as the ultimate weaponry against the pandemic, in order to achieve their dreams.

Automobile magnate, Henry Ford, in an instructive quote, said: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Joseph Water quite found strength and courage to believe in himself, regardless of what others think or perceive about him.

Joseph Water, who emigrated to the US at age 20 less than 10 years ago, has featured in a number of Nigerian movies, as well as a couple of appearances in Hollywood movies. He overcame stereotypes, racism and other forms of rejection and segregation to feature on the runway of the New York Fashion Week and also graced the covers of glamour magazines such as ‘Krave’ and ‘Slay’.

Speaking on his journey in the global modeling business, he credited his self-confidence for possessing the above-all mentality.

“I can’t miss out on the importance of believing in oneself. The modelling industry has taught me that you need to believe in yourself before anyone else will. Self-worth and confidence are infectious — once you fiercely believe in yourself, a lot of things will align. It doesn’t matter who likes your style, others will just love you because people love where worth is exuded”, Joseph Water stated.

Continuing, Joseph Water said: “I’ve learned to deal with rejection. Rejection feels awful but it is a basic part of human relationships, and we must adapt to receiving rejection in a healthy way that doesn’t militate our esteem.

“Sometimes, stylists look for people with certain features and physical idiosyncrasies like hair colour, skin colour, height, and all that, and when I didn’t fit into those specs, I had to understand that it wasn’t about me.”

Controversies and a lot of speculations have also trailed the idea behind his change of name. The young international model disclosed that it was to due to someone bearing the same name on social media, as well as the difficulty whites have spelling his name correctly.

“The reason I changed my social media name from Joseph Walters was that I discovered that someone else has that name with a huge following. And changing it would exponentially increase my chances of being verified as my new name doesn’t have any other user,” Joseph Water stated.

Babalola Otitoju Joseph added that,
“People here (America) find it difficult to pronounce and spell my name correctly, and that informed my decision to change my name. More so, Joseph Walters (now Water) has represented my brand for six years now.”

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